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Europe at a Glance with INSIDR.CO

It’s always such a delight whenever I come across another blog or website whom I share the same goals with. Though we share the same purpose, it’s always as if getting fresh eyes and seeing things from a different perspective!

One of those platforms is INSIDR.co, a travel website aimed at publishing useful and up-to-date content on traveling in Europe. I’m excited to be sharing some articles of theirs that I think might be useful to my followers too!

So I’ve linked them all up for you to see them easily and like always, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, or suggest content that you’d like to see covered. Anyway, here goes!

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What You Could Get In Bologna For $10 – A Short Getaway in the Less Touristy Place in Italy

Hey everybody!

Let’s recall something that I wrote in the past, the fact that I’ve been fangirling Matteo Brighi ever since I was only 11. And if there’s anything I remember about him, it is the fact that he was in his peak performance when he was loaned to Bologna FC from Juventus in the early 2000s.

So, when Chris of Authentic Traveling contacted me to cover Bologna for the $10 series, I was so excited as the city is on my bucket list due to my obsession with Matteo Brighi. 😛

Fast forward to today, it’s time for Chris to share with us the tips to spend your $10 in the city of Bologna. So, here we go!

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