The Stuff of Nightmares: What to Do If You’re in a Car Crash on Holiday

You've probably been planning your vacation for months, with every last detail taken care of, a perfectly packed suitcase, travel documents sorted well in advance as well as your schedule, travel and accommodation – everything that you always wanted. Sadly, many vacations start this way but then end in tragedy after the negligible actions of someone else.

A car accident at home is one thing but getting involved in a car accident when you’re thousands of miles from home adds a whole new level of terror and uncertainty to your situation.

The Stuff of Nightmares: What to Do If You're in a Car Crash on Holiday - The BeauTraveler

You need to be thinking about your health, but you should also be considering legal action against the other party – check out this law firm in Florida if you're interested in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

One way to quell your fears is to give yourself the knowledge of what to do in the event of a car accident abroad. Here we’ll look at some basic tips that will help you and your family get through this traumatic ordeal.

Assess the Situation Quickly

Are you still in immediate danger? Are you injured? What about your passengers?

If you're in a private vehicle then you should exit the vehicle if you're able to do so and move away from the wreckage and call the authorities – make sure you know the number to call if you're in another country – if you're traveling on public transport then exit the vehicle and help others where you can.

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You Need to Remain Calm

You're vulnerable and frightened and being thousands of miles away from home is only exacerbating the issue. The best thing you can do right now is to remain calm.

Gather Evidence

If you can, you should take photographs of the damage to the vehicles involved, as well as your injuries and the injuries your passengers have sustained. If there have been witnesses, you should get their names and contact details. This will help you in your personal injury case.

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Head to the Hospital

Hopefully, you should have travel insurance and if so that will cover your medical bills and treatment. You should have your ID and your insurance details on you, so you can present them as soon as possible. You should also obtain a copy of the medical report so you can use this in your personal injury case. You should also obtain any billing and receipts so you can be compensated at a later date.

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