Taukkyan War Cemetery: Reminiscing The Lost Lives In The World War 2


If you asked anyone who has ever gone to a date with me in any way possible, I think it’s fair to say that I’m quite flexible and easy to go with. As long as I remember, I rarely had a fight over where to go or what to have for dinner when I dated anyone. When one gets indecisive, I’ll come as a rescue for both of us while being my ol’ lady boss giving suggestion where to go or what to eat.

The same thing happened when I went to Yangon with Max back in 2015. The difference between Max and me is that he’s a very laid-back traveler who will be quite satisfied by staying at the hotel in the foreign city and going out only when he has to. On the other side, I am always that traveler who’s got someplace in mind whenever I get a chance to visit a new place.

Before we arrived in Yangon, I’ve already prepared myself with some information about the city. At the time I was already familiar with Myanmar and their political situation, thanks to 4-year education on International Relations. But other than that, I didn’t even know what to prepare before traveling to Myanmar.

The good thing is that my attitude kinda helps me to adjust things in various situations. So I was just like… Veni, vedi, vici. 😛

And that was exactly what happened when I landed in Yangon, Max with his meh attitude just agreed on the idea of us going to the generic and touristy Shwedagon Pagoda until I saw this brochure at the hotel seeing some pictures of this big, well-maintained cemetery. Taukkyan War Cemetery.

So I asked the receptionist about this cemetery and the receptionist told me that this cemetery is quite far from Yangon, around 1.5 hours by car from where we stayed. And we stayed in the city center, FYI.

As I didn’t go there alone, I asked Max whether he was up to visit this cemetery just because I wanted to go. Born in the Water sign (he’s a Scorpio!), he just followed and said yes so we decided to go to Bago city instead of strolling over the city center of Yangon. He booked the taxi to get us to Bago city the next day.

Born in the Water sign (he’s a Scorpio!), he just followed and said yes so we decided to go to Bago city instead of strolling over the city center of Yangon. He booked the taxi to get us to Bago city the next day.

Taukkyan War Cemetery

And although Taukkyan War Cemetery was the main reason for us to get to Bago city, Taukkyan War Cemetery ended up being our last destination that day after some tourist attraction like Schwemawdaw Pagoda and Kanbawzathadi Palace.

Located in the north of Yangon, it took around 1 hour by car from Taukkyan War Cemetery to our hotel.

The cemetery is the memorial park built for Allied soldiers from the British Commonwealth who died during the World War 2. Even until now, the cemetery is still maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

I don’t know how many tombs there are in the cemetery, but it has a lot of names from generic English names to the unknown. There are also some Indian soldiers who buried there, as they died during the World War 2 in Burma.

There’s a thing about visiting the war cemetery and seeing some unknown names in the tombs, could you imagine dying when nobody even knows your name? When you die, you just die and the only thing you’ll leave is memories behind.

Although as Max and I probably got dropped as kids, so we managed to laugh once or twice during our visit to this cemetery. Like once we saw this tomb with the name of Knowles and we started wondering what’s his relation to Beyonce. I think at the end of the day, we both are going to hell. :/

According to Wikipedia, Taukkyan War Cemetery is one of the most-visited war sites in Asia. And I think it’s fair to say that it’s quite understandable, as I could tell how this cemetery is well-managed and a good place to reflect things when you get sentimental at times.

Our Visit to the Cemetery

The only thing that has become my concern is that so many random couples come here for a freaking date. And it is not the kind of date Max and I had (denial!), but what they do is the kind of date with them hoping no one could see them around the graves because they wanted to have a good time. If you know what I mean.

In fact, I saw this situation a lot whenever I visit a tourist attraction in Yangon so far. We’ve seen this kind of couple in the Palace as well. 

Like, I don’t care what they do or what their motive is to get there for a date, but jeez… At least have some respect for the dead!


  • It’s recommended for those who like colossal and history like I do. 
  • Free of charge! 
  • Nice view around the cemetery as it is very well-maintained. 
  • This one is a majestic cemetery. To say the least, for me personally, I think this is the biggest memorial park that I have ever been. 


  • So many lovebirds around coming to have a ‘good time’. 
  • Not so easy access if you stay in the city center of Yangon. Good thing is, there is no traffic jam in Yangon!
  • As this is a memorial park, it might be helpful if they open some flower booth or something for the visitors. You know, for the sake of good deeds. 

So, have you visited any memorial park that left memories and stories that are worth to share? Or are you interested to visit Myanmar next time? You may as well want to check the complete itinerary to travel to Myanmar here.

Comment below, and cheerio! 🙂

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