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What You Could Get in Poznan for $10 – 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in the 5th Largest City in Poland

Hi everyone!

It’s Wednesday again, and it means that it’s the day for another $10 series this week! Poland, by far, has become one of the countries with the most cities covered for the series… And this week, we’re going to talk about another city in Poland!

Charlie from Nonchalant Navigator will share how to travel on the budget in one of the country’s hidden gems. So, after we covered myriad cities in Poland, from Krakow to Lublin, it’s time for us to hear what you could do under $10 USD in Poland’s 5th largest city: Poznan.

In case you forget, that’s where my favorite national football team, Croatia, beat the Republic of Ireland 3-1 in Euro 2012.

So, what could you get in Poznan for $10? Check this one out!

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