What You Could Get in Poznan for $10 – 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in the 5th Largest City in Poland

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It's Wednesday again, and it means that it's the day for another $10 series this week! Poland, by far, has become one of the countries with the most cities covered for the series… And this week, we're going to talk about another city in Poland!

Charlie from Nonchalant Navigator will share how to travel on the budget in one of the country's hidden gems. So, after we covered myriad cities in Poland, from Krakow to Lublin, it's time for us to hear what you could do under $10 USD in Poland's 5th largest city: Poznan.

In case you forget, that's where my favorite national football team, Croatia, beat the Republic of Ireland 3-1 in Euro 2012.

So, what could you get in Poznan for $10? Check this one out!

How to Travel on a Budget in Poznan

Poznan’s location is perfect. It’s spotted between Germany’s capital Berlin and the capital of Poland, Warsaw, which means you do not have to go out of your way to spend money to visit this beautiful city.

Rich with culture and illustrious architecture, some of Poznan’s buildings date all the way back to the 1700s! I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Poznan, Poland

Did you know?

Poznan is the only city mentioned in the Polish anthem, where the lyrics go something like, “As Czarniecki to Poznan after the Swedish occupation, to save our homeland we will return across the sea.

How much is $10 really worth in Poland though?

$10 USD amounts to roughly 37zł or PLN – it’s safe to say that your 10 dollars stretch pretty far in Poland.

With heaps of free attractions and deliciously budget-friendly food, Poznan is sure to delight all travelers on their short trip.

5 Things to Do in Poland's Best Kept Secret

You can pack everything the city has to offer in a single day, but for the best experience, 2-3 days to soak in all the magnificent sights is ideal.

Its great location also means it is just a train ride away from the must-see seaside destination of Gdansk – check out what to do in a comprehensive guide of Gdansk.

Poznan Old Town Square
The old town square in Poznan, Poland.

1. Wander through Old Market Square.

You really can’t miss the old town square (Stary Rynek) on your travels to Poznan.

Immerse yourself in colorful buildings as you walk up to the traditional clock tower and goats.

Goats? You can also check off the famed Poznan goats, a popular tourist attraction that features mechanical goats on the town clock that put on a display at 12pm everyday.

2. Visit the Imperial Castle.

This grand castle was built for German leader Kaiser Wilhelm II between 1905-1910, finishing just four years before Wilhelm II’s abdication at the loss of World War 1.

This colossal castle that is more akin to a palace with picturesque gardens is absolutely free to enter without a tour.

3. Try the Best Pierogi in All of Poznan.

An absolute must-have Polish traditional food.

Baked, fried or boiled – there’s a way of cooking and filling out there for everyone.

We had a baked pierogi with an Italian-style filling with chicken, a spiced tomato sauce and oozing cheese (below) but more traditional flavours contain potato, sourcream and onion.

This tasty meal can be eaten at a very high standard if you visit Na Winklu, be warned, due to popular demand you may have to wait a little while to be seated!

With most options between $5 and $10, it is just as affordable as it is tasty.

Na Winklu pierogi in Poznan.
Pierogi in Poznan.

4. Stop by the Oldest Cathedral in All of Poland.

The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul stands as one of the oldest churches in all of Poland and the oldest Cathedral.

Consecrated in 1880, the site is also a burial ground for many past rulers in Poland’s history.

With its own little island just outside of the city, the short walk to visit this site is an amazing chance to explore Poznan on foot.

You’re free to enter and walk around the island to see the Poznan cathedral without paying any form of admission.

5. Get Your Instagram Shot on the Colored Pencil Steps of Poznan.

Just before you cross the bridge onto Cathedral Island, you’ll find these steps with brightly colored pencils on the face of each of them!

It’s never too busy so set your camera timer and pose away, an awesome vantage point for that unique Poznan post to showcase your travels.

Poznan truly is one of Poland’s best hidden gems. With a perfect balance of historical churches and castles accompanied by a vibrant town centre – there’s plenty to see and do.

Not only that, the plethora of free museums and outside attractions means $10 is often more than enough for what you want to do! Even if it is having a delectable piece of Poland’s traditional cuisine.

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