The Ultimate Playlist When You Feel Like You Can’t Get Your Shit Together

Let’s be vulnerable today because I feel kinda sad lately. It all began by seeing some friends who were once close to me… They hung out together without even inviting me. And I started wondering whether it was because I chose a different path to live, or because they hated me.

Look, I’m not usually insecure. If anything, I’m probably the most narcissistic person you could ever find. But hey, I’m a human being, so sometimes insecurity hits that my mind wanders, and I start feeling bad about myself.

I don’t know if it’s just the 2020 effect that finally arrived in my life. But that’s when I got an idea to write about this piece. I figure a lot of people have their own problems regardless of their situation.

Recently, I got reconnected with some old friend, and I also got to make some new friends. All with their kind of problems, at least I know that I’m not the only person here who feels like I cannot get my shit together.

Now, forget about your horoscope… What’s that one song you play on repeat when you’re feeling down?

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6 Lazy Songs: A Playlist for Homebody who Loves to Slack Around the House

I’m a homebody person. When I’m not traveling, you can easily find me working or taking a nap at home. That, except for when I’m in the mood to go out and find something to eat elsewhere. Other than that, I’m happy enough to wait for the delivery man to bring me some good food from outside. I’m like a real definition of a couch potato, and I’m not even sorry.

Just recently, one of my friends asked me out as he knew I just finished my Indochina trip. I told him that I’d let him know when I’m in the mood to go out, and he was like… No problem, I could pick you up at home.

What he doesn’t understand is that when I’m not in the mood to go out, it really doesn’t matter if he picks me up at home. I just won’t go out.

But then that event gave me an idea to create this post. I’m compiling some songs that are suitable for people like me: the couch potato who gets too comfortable at home. I’ve found only 6 songs on my playlist, so feel free to add it if you have some other songs to recommend! 🙂

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