6 Lazy Songs: A Playlist for Homebody who Loves to Slack Around the House

I'm a homebody person. When I'm not traveling, you can easily find me working or taking a nap at home. That, except for when I'm in the mood to go out and find something to eat elsewhere. Other than that, I'm happy enough to wait for the delivery man to bring me some good food from outside. I'm like a real definition of a couch potato, and I'm not even sorry.

Just recently, one of my friends asked me out as he knew I just finished my Indochina trip. I told him that I'd let him know when I'm in the mood to go out, and he was like… No problem, I could pick you up at home.

What he doesn't understand is that when I'm not in the mood to go out, it really doesn't matter if he picks me up at home. I just won't go out.

But then that event gave me an idea to create this post. I'm compiling some songs that are suitable for people like me: the couch potato who gets too comfortable at home. I've found only 6 songs on my playlist, so feel free to add it if you have some other songs to recommend! 🙂

6 Lazy Songs: A Playlist for Homebody Who Loves to Slack Around the House - The BeauTraveler

6 Songs to Accompany You When You're in the Lazy Mode

Whether you're a homebody like me or you're not, I think at some point there will come a time when you're in the lazy mode and you just don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything. More often than not, music is the only good thing that could accompany you in that situation.

That, unless you're also a cat owner like me. In that situation, you'll be accompanied by the expert who could just snuggle and eat all day with playtime in between: your cat.

So, what are these songs that are suitable in the lazy mode? There you go!

1. Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song

If this wasn't the first song on the list, I don't know what would be. I remember when the song was just released, it was during my university year and one of my friends was like, “Listen up, this song is so you…”

Well, she knows how lazy I could get when it comes to almost everything. Even in the early age of 20s, I wouldn't go out if I was really in the mood. It took some time for me to reply to messages, especially when I didn't feel like it. Now that I think about it, it's amazing how all of my friends could cope with all my antics and nihilism. LOL.

2. Skye Sweetnam – Billy S

Okay, so this is basically my teenage years' theme song. And I'm not even sorry to add this on this playlist, because after all… Who wouldn't hate Monday morning? It's amazing now that I'm older and I don't need to go to school, I don't even have to go to work, yet I still find Monday morning sucks.

3. Sum 41 – Heart Attack

Another great piece from some other Canadians… Now that I'm looking at the list, actually most of the artists that I'd feature on this post would be Canadian. What's with those Canadians? Are you people actually as lazy as the lyrics of these songs? 😛

But SUM 41 has always been special to my heart, they're like the only band that I spared some time to actually attend the real concert. I even bought their T-shirt, think of it as a groupies-like without any chance to get laid with any of the band members. LOL.

Anyway, I came to know this song since I was in the 10th grade or something… And isn't it sad that I could relate even at the time? I've been a homebody and lazy person for wayyyy too long.

4. Lillix – Dirty Sunshine

I've been a big fan of this band that I'm actually friends with Tasha-Ray on Facebook. I even exchanged a few texts on Messenger in the last few years. I remember I've read somewhere about the PMS song they made, and it took me years to actually understand this was actually the song.

“What's that breeze upon my face? How dare you invade my space!” is basically the mood I have whenever I relax at home only to find out that my parents have some guests. Even worse when they come with kids. LMAO.

5. John Mayer – Perfectly Lonely

Some people think that this song is more suitable for those who enjoy themselves being single and all, but to be honest… I think the key to enjoy being home is that to find the pleasure in solitude. So when you feel like you're perfectly lonely, you won't have any problem with being home even though you do nothing at all.

But if you still depend on other people to have a good time, I don't think you're a homebody, to begin with. Hmm.

7. Kelsea Ballerini – club

The most misleading thing about being a homebody is that the judgment of them being a boring person. Because you see, more often than not, given the right company we really could be the life of the party. It's just sometimes our lazy ass is too lazy to get off the comfortable couch at the house.

So yes, this Kelsea Ballerini's recent single speaks to me. Can't wait for her entire album soon, btw!

Well, those are the list of songs that I could relate to being a homebody. Do you have any other recommended songs about being lazy, slacking around the house, and not in the mood to go out? Well, don't hesitate to add the list to the comment and cheerio! 😀

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