SR9009 Stenabolic Reviewed – All You Need To Know

Gaining muscle is a slow and complicated process. A few people have the genetics to do it without even trying, while others need to change their workouts, nutrition, and supplementation to get those gains. In order to increase muscle size, you need to break muscle fibers, and then your body needs to recompose them from nutrients.

Now, not even that is going to work for some people, and that's why steroids exist. They are a way to give everyone an equal chance to reach over their genetic limit and have the body of their dreams. You simply give your body a boost of testosterone or a combination of other hormones with it, and boom, everything looks better. Click here to read more.

SR9009 Stenabolic Reviewed - All You Need To Know - The BeauTraveler

However, there are many ups and downs if you decide to use steroids, especially if you are a beginner. If you're starting out, you wouldn't want to go for the strongest one. Instead, you can ease into it. A great starter is SR9009, also known as Stenabolic. This is a drug that helps reduce weight, helps with anxiety, and regulates cholesterol. 

What are the benefits?

This supplement is perfect for people who are overweight and want to lose fat and gain lean muscle at the same time. First of all, people who use it reduce their cholesterol and triglyceride levels after two weeks. This is perfect because those two conditions are associated with excess body fat. 

Another great benefit is that this steroid increases your endurance. Again, if you weigh more than average, you might have a problem with endurance when starting out. This compound reduces muscle fatigue, and your workouts will be longer, harder, and more effective. The same effects are valid for cardio training, like running and weight lifting.

Continuous use of SR9009 increases the number of mitochondria in your cells. In school, we all learned that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. If you have more of them, that means you'll gain more strength. But not only that.

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Recent research shows that increased mitochondria levels are beneficial when you're getting older. View this link for more

If you have more of them, you also have more fast-twitch fibers in your muscles. They are responsible for sudden movements that are often involuntary, like falling. We know that older people tend to fall a lot, and if you have more muscle fibers and mitochondria, you reduce the chances of breaking a bone or even a more severe injury in the long run. 

Finally, research also shows that Stenabolic improves the functioning of your heart, reduces anxiety, increases energy, and improves your sleep cycle. Now, you might be thinking that there are serious side effects for this many benefits. Well, since this steroid does not have any androgenic hormones, it's quite safe. Androgens are compounds that increase and develop masculine characteristics. 

How should you train when using it?

If you use performance enhancers and you don't train at all, you can't expect any results or gains to come your way. Instead, you're going to have to dedicate time to hard training. The best option is slow weight lifting and fasted cardio. It is the most popular way that bodybuilders structure their weekly workouts.

As soon as you wake up, drink some water to hydrate your body from a full night of sleep. Then, get ready and go out for a run. Instead of a run, you could also jump rope, do some cycling, or even swim. All of these activities get your heart rate up. Since you're working out on an empty stomach, this is called fasted cardio. Your body takes the fat stored in your body and uses it as energy. 

The point here is not to overdo it since you're going to have another workout on the same day. As soon as you finish, get some protein and carbohydrates to digest into the half-hour anabolic window. You can read this SR9009 review for more info. Then, you proceed with your day as you used to, and when it's evening time, you go to the gym again. This time, you're going to lift heavy and slow. 

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A great way is to use the nine-second rule. If we take a bench press, for example, you're going to lower the weight for three seconds, hold it for three, and then push it up for the same time. This will burn your muscles and it will put them under time of tension. Most muscle fibers are broken with this type of training, which is the most effective when you want to gain muscle. 

Make sure that you don't work out the same muscle group twice in a 48-hour period. You're going to feel extremely sore, and you wouldn't want to over train. As for the workout type, you can use anything that works for you. That can be 5×5, push-pull, or different muscle groups each day. The most important thing is to combine fasted cardio with controlled time under tension.

Should you stack it with other steroids?

While Stenabolic has a lot of benefits by itself, many people choose to add something more. The most common combination is SR9009 with 50 milligrams of Winstrol per day. This will boost your testosterone levels up and will double the effects that you already have. If you're planning to stack something, then this is the way for optimal results. Of course, that's entirely up to your personal preference. Click here to read more.

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A few final words

Deciding to take steroids is a giant leap from working out as a hobby. It will take a lot of effort, as well as psychological readiness. Be sure that you've read everything about the one you're planning to use, as well as all of the possible side effects and complications. A great idea is to tell a close friend so they can monitor your progress and keep you on track. 

Finally, after you finish your cycle, spare some time and do post cycle therapy. This will bring your hormones to their natural levels, while you get to keep all the gains.

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