Review: Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack (Bird’s Nest Mask)

As I mentioned before, I had a single ladies’ night out with my girlfriends last week. One of our agenda is to actually do some groceries, and as I ran out of the stock for my skincare routine and there were some products on sale, I ended up purchasing some face mask whose brand I never tried before.

I’m not so big at K-beauty products, but there are some of their skincare products that work well on my skin. So when I saw this Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack on promo at the grocery store, I didn’t hesitate to get some for me.

I never heard about this product before, but it was such a bargain as there was “buy 2 get 1” situation and I couldn’t control myself to miss this kind of stuff. #impulsivebuyer

Review: Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack (Bird's Nest Mask) - The BeauTraveler

About Cherimoa Face Mask

So I only started reading the review of this product by the time I already got this Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack. Since they only allowed the same variant for this promo, I decided to pick the Bird’s Nest Mask one.

Through some research on the internet, I suppose Cherimoa face mask is quite popular. Well, at least among skincare enthusiasts in Indonesia, especially those who are rooting for K-beauty products.

I didn’t find any post written by an international blogger yet about this product, so I’m not sure whether it’s also popular elsewhere. This Cherimoa brand is notable for some other face mask products, especially the animal-shaped sheet mask.

Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack – Bird’s Nest Mask

This Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack that I’ll be covering today is just a regular-shaped sheet mask. It’s super affordable as it only costs me IDR 14,900/pcs (around $1 USD), and due to the promo that I got, I only had to pay around $2 USD for 3 pieces.

Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack – Bird’s Nest Mask

In total, this Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack come in 4 variants. Other than the bird’s nest mask that I bought, there are also horse oil, aloe, and snail mask. Each has its own specialty and function, and I personally chose the bird’s nest whose function is for both moisturizing and anti-aging.

As I start feeling insecure about my age, so I picked this one to complete my anti-aging skincare regime. *lol*

Since I’m targeting my international readers for this article, I tried to get a link to buy the product directly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on Amazon, although I found one on Alibaba where you can buy bulk for only $0.18!

My First Impression of Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack – Bird’s Nest Mask

I personally like organic face mask better, but there are times when I just don’t want to bother mixing the masks with the rose water and all that. And in the situation, sheet mask like Cherimoa Karados mask pack could come as a rescue. 😛

There are several K-beauty sheet masks that I’ve tried previously, so I suppose I already got some expectation set on this one.

I mean, I think when it comes to sheet mask, it’s fair to say that I haven’t found anything that was either too good or too horrible when I tried it the first time. So my expectation is… It can’t be that bad. 😉

I don’t particularly like the packaging as it’s not the most appealing mask that I’ve seen, but then again what matters is the mask itself. I always rely on this principle when it comes to trying a new product. I mean, I often find a gem in such a shitty packaging.

(1) Before using the mask. (2) The mask applied. (3) After washing off the residue.

However, when I tore off the packaging, what I noticed first about the face mask is the size.

The sheet mask is smaller and definitely thinner than all of the sheet masks that I’ve tried before. The good thing is that it fits my face perfectly so I didn’t have to deal with it getting on my hair or anything.

But due to the thinness of the mask, it felt so fragile that I was a bit scared that I might accidentally tear it off.

The Final Verdict of Cherimoa Karados Mask Pack – Bird’s Nest Mask

The sheet mask has this kind of warm sensation when applied, so I quite like it since it’s very relaxing. It has this fresh fragrance that is not so strong. 

So, I mentioned that the size of the mask is smaller than all the sheet mask that I’ve tried before. Due to the smaller size, this sheet mask is also easier to apply and I love that. The essence is quite overwhelming and it takes awhile to absorb but I surprisingly love my skin condition after I used the mask.

There’s something different that I did with my masking routine this time, as I followed the instruction written on the packaging.

If I usually just put on the sheet mask after cleaning my face with a facial foam, this time I also use facial toner before applying the mask. I’m not sure whether it has something to do with this, but I love how this sheet mask goes to my face in the aftermath. 

This product indeed moisturizes the skin, and despite it had the warm sensation when applied, after I washed my face, my skin felt a bit soothing instead. It’s such a weird situation, but it’s the kind of weird that is good, I guess. 😛


  • This sheet mask is super affordable, and since it’s sheet mask so it’s really ideal to take with you during your travel as well. In fact, I’m thinking to stock some for my next trip. 
  • It does moisturize the skin in the aftermath. My skin feels softer, and I like the warm sensation when the sheet mask applied as well. 
  • The size fits perfectly to my face. This other sheet masks that I’ve tried before usually got all over my face and sometimes hair, and it didn’t happen to this one. 


  • The texture is so fragile, that you have to be extra careful not to tear the mask off before applying. 

Repurchase or Nah?

Yes. In fact, since I bought it offline at a retail store, I just found some local online stores that sell this product at a lower price.

I’m definitely thinking to repurchase, especially since it’s only a few weeks until my next trip. I’ll be away for a month, and I suppose I also have to prepare for my skincare regimen during the period.

Have you tried this product? Did you like it as much as I did? Either way, give me a shout and tell me your favorite sheet mask so maybe next time I could try out! 😉

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