What You Could Get in Zurich for $10 – How to Stretch the Budget in the Swiss Largest City

Hi everyone, back again at the $10 series!

It’s the first post for the series ever since I rebranded my blog last week, and I’m excited as we’ll be covering one of the most expensive cities not only in Europe but also in the world!

Thanks to Smita of My Faulty Compass, who makes it happen… She will share how to stretch the budget to travel around the largest city in Switzerland: Zurich.

After covering Basel just a few weeks ago, we’re going back to one of the most picturesque countries in Europe!

The Best Pick to Explore Zurich

Switzerland is a (very!) expensive country, but it’s worth every penny! Having lived here for a while now, I have found ways to enjoy the beauty of the place while ensuring I don’t break the bank!

Zurich is a gorgeous city – it’s rich in history, has an abundance of natural beauty and the most wonderful food. While USD 10 will not take you too far in Zurich (it’s equivalent to ~CHF 10), you can enjoy some of the best sights the city offers for free!

Here’s how to enjoy the city and spend as little as possible,

Zurich is a gorgeous city – it’s rich in history, and has an abundance of natural beauty and the most wonderful food in Switzerland.

Take a Walking Tour for Free!

Zurich is an immensely walkable city. Follow my guide here on the best things to do in Zurich and enjoy the beautiful architecture, the stunning views, and the charming streets – all on your own!

Start at the famous shopping boulevard, Bahnhofstrasse which is perfect for window shopping. Head to the beautiful, historic hill of Lindenhof for stunning views over the river Limmat and the old town.

Stroll towards Niederdorf, the charming old town district with its cobblestoned streets and winding alleys. Relax at Sechseläutenplatz – one of the largest squares in Switzerland and home to the Zurich Opera House.

Grossmunster Church, Zurich. Credit: My Faulty Compass.

Visit the Famous Landmark Churches of Zurich

The Grossmünster church and the Fraumünster church. The entry fee for Fraumünster is CHF 5, and it is worth it to see the beautiful stained-glass windows by Chagall.

Pay CHF 5 at the Grossmünster church to climb up its tower for splendid views over the old town and the lake.

Enjoy Lake Zurich

One of Switzerland’s largest lakes, Lake Zurich is one of the most beautiful sights in the city.

A long promenade lined with flowers makes for the perfect place for a stroll or for a relaxing place to read a book while sipping on some hot chocolate (~CHF 8 at Cafe Sprüngli).

You can also take a short cruise to one of the closer towns to see the lake up close. A round trip ticket to Thalwil on a boat will cost ~CHF 7.

Visit Zurich’s Mountain

Visit Zurich’s mountain. Uetliberg Mountain towers over Zurich and is a fantastic place to visit for sweeping views over the city and the mountains.

A round trip ride on the funicular to the summit costs ~CHF 9. There are multiple hiking options here as well, so you can save the money and hike!

Uetliberg, Zurich. Credit: My Faulty Compass.

Try Some Famous Swiss Chocolate and Enjoy the Best of Zurich

Try some chocolate. While CHF 10 will not take you very far, you’ll be able to sample some (tiny portions!) of chocolates. Visit Sprüngli, Lindt, or Läderach for some amazing delights.

If you decide to visit in winter, you will witness the spectacular Christmas celebrations – beautifully adorned trees, warm and cozy Christmas markets, brilliantly lit streets and shops and wonderful little Christmas shows and events.

During spring, Zurich is home to a fantastic carnival and the spring festival of Sechseläuten. You won’t be wrong in picking any time of the year to visit this lovely city! Make it next on your list of places to visit!

Contributor: Smita from My Faulty Compass

What happens when a management consultant takes up traveling itself as a project? Meet Smita, who is putting her consulting skills (read: extensive excel planning!) and travel curiosity to good use. A part-time traveler and writer based in Switzerland, her travel articles aim to include meticulous details which can come as a delight for the more laidback travelers!

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