What You Could Get in Victor Harbor for $10 – How to Make the Best Out of the Coastal Town in South Australia

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Today, we're going back to Australia to see how many things you can do in one of the cities there for $10 USD. This time, we're traveling to a coastal town in South Australia, Victor Harbor!

Natalie and Steve of Curious Campers will take us to the town and show us how we could get some adventures on the budget there. So, what could you get in Victor Harbor for $10?

A Short Getaway Around Victor Harbor, Granite Island and Beyond!

Located 90 minutes from Adelaide, Victor Harbor is one of South Australia's favorite seaside locations. ‘Victor' as the locals call it, is a popular stop for travelers, young and old.

One of the nice things about Victor is that it is still quite undeveloped. There are no high-rise buildings on the foreshore here. Victor has retained the quaint and easy-going charm of a seaside town of yesteryear.

Victor Harbor packs a lot into quite a small area – and much of it is free or inexpensive.

Did you know?

The Victor Harbor tramway is the only one Australia's horse-drawn service available currently. First established in 1894, it was once discontinued in 1954 before they started to commence the tram again in June 1986.

Granite Island

One of the features of Victor Harbor is Granite Island which sits about one kilometer offshore.

The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway. You could spend some of your money on the horse-drawn tram that runs along the causeway. The old-style tram is a fun way to make the journey. Of course, you can walk over too and save your money.

The island is small enough that you can walk around it in an hour. The main feature of the walk is the sculptures dotted along the walking trail. They are weird, wonderful and add an interesting dimension to the walk.

If you're not into art, the ocean views and granite shoreline of the island are spectacular.

Things to Do on the Mainland of Victor Harbor

Back on the mainland, there are lots of free activities. Victor Harbor is well known for its marine life – in particular, whales in winter.

Visit the Whale Centre to find out where they can be spotted. Often, they can be seen from Victor Harbor or Granite Island. Take a walk to the Sellicks Cliffs and look out for the dolphins that live in the area too.

In summer, your $10 can be used on the foreshore amusement park, mini golf or camel rides along the beach.

How to Get Around Victor Harbor on the Budget

You can hire a bike from as little as $1.40 AUD an hour. There is a wonderful bike path between Victor Harbor and Goolwa that hugs the coast and lets you explore the cafes, galleries, and beaches in the neighboring towns.

If cycling sounds a bit hard, your $10 will also get you a ticket on the Cockle Train. This is a steam train that runs between the neighboring seaside towns. The best part of the journey is the leg between Victor Harbour and Port Elliot.

The restored train and carriages are great fun to ride in, the smell and sound are fantastic.

Port Elliot.

Port Elliot

The trip to Port Elliot is mostly along the coast. At Port Elliot, Horseshoe Bay is a beautiful spot to explore and the perfect place to buy some fish and chips to enjoy on the beach.

When you're done, catch the train back to Victor Harbor.

Feeding the Kangaroos.

Urimbirra Wildlife Park

We think the best way to spend your money is at the Urimbirra Wildlife Park. Adults will need to spend their full $10 (or $14 AUD) to get in, less for seniors, students, and children.

It is a wonderful spot to get up close to some of Australia's most popular animals.

Koala cuddling is included in the entry fee and for just a little loose change you can buy some food to feed the very friendly kangaroos.

Every time we have been to Urimbirra, there have been baby kangaroos – joeys – poking out pouches. They are super cute and will be literally eating out of your hand!

Contributor: Natalie and Steve from Curious Campers.

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