What You Could Get in Milan for $10 – Traveling on the Budget in the Wealthiest City of Italy

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Back to the $10 series again this week, and this time we’re going to cover one of the cities that has been on my bucket list ever since I’m a teenager: Milan. So yes, after covering Rome, Bologna, and Naples the other day, we’re going to cover Milan this week!

I grew up watching football, and those who do would probably know the rivalry of the Milan clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan. 

When I started following football, AC Milan was pretty big at the time with the players like Paolo Maldini, Cafu, Clarence Seedorf, and Rui Costa… Meanwhile, their city counterpart was struggling to wait for their first scudetto after 1989.

Well, I’m not going to write the whole football stuff in one of the most fashionable cities in Europe, but thanks to Anda of Travel for a While, we’re going to cover how to travel on the budget in the wealthiest city of Italy. 

So, what could you get in Milan for $10 USD?

How Far Can $10 Take You in Italy’s Richest City?

$10 USD doesn’t sound like much when you’re traveling in Europe, and especially in Milan, the wealthiest city in Italy. However, you’ll be surprised how far the $10 USD will take you! Let’s say that’s roughly 8.5€.

Did you know?

Leonardo Da Vinci spent around 17 years in Milan as he got involved in many projects around the city. One of his masterpieces, The Last Supper, is located in Santa Maria della Grazie church.

Start Your Day with a Good Coffee

First things first, any good day starts with coffee. Head to the nearest bar and order ‘un caffe‘ at the counter. That’s our first euro, well spent.

In Italy, you have your coffee standing at the bar. If you sit at the table, the cost is significantly higher.

The Must-Visit Spot in Milan: Il Duomo

Many of the attractions in Milan are free to visit, but the first one isn’t.

The most recognizable landmark in Milan is the Milan Cathedral or Il Duomo. The Cathedral is open every day from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM and the entrance ticket is 3€.

Milan Duomo.

Stroll Around the Artistic Side of Milan

After visiting the Cathedral, make sure to visit Gallerie Vittorio Emanuele on your way to Castelo Sforza.

The castle hosts a few museums but the access to the castle grounds is free.

Behind the red-brick fortress, you’ll get directly to Sempione Park, a large green park in central Milan, where locals come to relax, run, walk or have a picnic. Make your way to Arco della Pace, built under Napoleon’s rule.

Take the Historic Tram in Milan

If you’re tired of walking, take the historic no.1 tram. A ticket is 2€ but it is well worth the experience of riding an old tram with wooden benches for a few stops.

Don’t ignore the smaller churches along the way, many of them are beautiful and they all have a story to tell. Except for the Cathedral, all churches in Milan are free to visit. Make sure to visit Sant’Ambrogio Church, named after Milan’s patron saint.

Milan tram.

Visit the Remains of Milan’s Network of Water Canals

After strolling through the city center, head towards Porta Ticinese and the Navigli district.

Grab a slice of pizza to stick within the budget and visit the remains of Milan’s network of water canals.

These were very important for transporting heavy goods and merchandise by water during Medieval times and Leonardo Da Vinci had his say into designing them.

The canals were mostly abandoned when the rail system replaced their use. Now, two of the Navigli have been restored in Milan and the neighborhood became a vibrant place full of bars, restaurants, and art shops.

If you’re in town for the night, this is where you need to stop for a cocktail in the evening and maybe choose a restaurant for dinner too.

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