What You Could Get in Naples for $10 – A Couple of Things to Do on the Budget in the City

After covering Rome and Bologna some time ago, I'm excited to cover the third city in Italy for the $10 series!

Yes, Italy got hit hard by Covid-19 these days… But it doesn't mean that we couldn't plan out a trip to Italy once the crisis is over and we can go back to travel, right? If anything, this post is here to remind you that there's a beauty somewhere in Italy that is worth to long for despite all the news about Coronavirus in the past couple of months.

So today, we have Toti and Alesia of Italian Trip Abroad to cover Naples, or Napoli as the locals call it.

How far could you get with $10 in Naples?

Affordable Things to Do in One of the Most Budget-Friendly City in Italy

Naples is a big Southern city in Italy, while here $10 USD are exchanged in Euro, and it is worth more or less 9€.

This is not a big amount of money to spend in a city for a day, but it is absolutely enough in Naples. This city is well known as one of the most beautiful in the country, but also one of the cheapest to visit.

This is the way you can afford Naples on a budget with just $10 USD. Prepare to eat a lot despite the low budget, and see incredible masterpieces and an awesome landscape.

What to Do in Naples Under $10 USD

For just $10 USD budget in Naples, you can do a lot of things.

From a tasty breakfast for just 2.50€, that includes cappuccino for 1.50€, and a tasty local product for just 1€. Choose what you prefer!

The local products are the Graffa, Riccia, Frolla or simple croissant. A single coffee instead is costing 0.90€.

Almost all the activities in Naples are for free, this includes the visit to the awesome churches and cloisters. Naples has a unique artistic heritage and is worth visiting.

All the paid activities, like a museum or the Naples underground, are coming for a small fee, that is never over 7€.

What to Eat in Naples

Let's stick to what you can do and eat in Naples at $10 USd. While you can roam around the city for free, what you should just look after is food, and Naples is cheap on it.

With 6.50€ left in your budget, you will be able to try another couple of local products.

For just 1.50€, you can have a local babbà, a sponge dessert infused in rum. This is delicious and you have to try it.

Check out Via Toledo, at “Da Luise”, amazing. Here you can also try arancini, frittata, and crocchè, traditional local products for lunch and dinner.

Strolling Around the Seaside in Naples

Visiting Naples, especially for the first time, you can't miss strolling around the seaside. The landscape is awesome and worth a chill with a Seaview.

Via Partenope, you can visit Castel dell' Ovo, a beautiful Castle on the sea. The entrance to this place is for free, and you can hike up to the tower to enjoy the beautiful view.

This building is in the Borgo dei Marinari, literally the “Sailor's Borough”. Here you can try the local “cuppo”, a mix of tasty fried seafood. Our budget is to the end, but you can still enjoy a lot of things.

While most of the attractions are for free, you have to budget just for food and transports. The ticket for the metro or bus is just 1,50 euros.

Contributor: Toti and Alessia from Italian Trip Abroad. 

Toti and Alessia are an Italian expatriate travel couple based in London. They love to roam the world, which is associated with their passion for writing and photography through their blog. Italian Trip Abroad is an award-winning UK Travel blog, where they give tips about traveling as a couple on the budget. 

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