What You Could Get In Cambridge For $10 – Strolling the Local’s Hidden Gem

From English dictionary to the infamous Stephen Hawking, I think we all agree that at some point in our lives, we get familiar with the word Cambridge.

But for those who are not Briton, how much do you know about the city other than the university and its campus architecture and notable achievements in research and whatnot?! Let's take an example… Me.

I used to work for an English school, and it was in my daily task to promote our Cambridge curriculum a few years ago. But then again, if you ask me what else that I know about Cambridge as the city, I'll probably shut up because I have zero knowledge about the city itself.

So, after we covered York a couple of weeks ago for the $10 series, now let's find out more about Cambridge… This time, I've got Josh and Sarah from Veggie Vagabonds to contribute for this piece! 😉

What You Could Get In Cambridge For $10 - The BeauTraveler

Cambridge Botanic Gardens

I'm not going to lie, Cambridge is expensive but if you know the right places to go then you can have an incredible day for less than $10. At the time of writing this, $10 USD is roughly £7.50 GBP and that is almost exactly how much you need for the perfect afternoon in Cambridge!

One of the most beautiful parts of the city and a place that we spend a lot of time is the Cambridge Botanic Gardens.

Opened in 1846, the 40-acre gardens are immaculately kept and visually stunning. You can wander round the intricate displays, over stepping stones on ponds, round huge conifer trees and into amazing greenhouses and orchid rooms.

Owned by Cambridge University, the gardens are a famous site for research and home many rare and endagered species from across the world. Whilst you take a walk around, you can watch the gardeners at work sowing seeds and maintaining the grounds which adds a lovely personal touch.

Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Despite the importance of the gardens, it maintains a real ‘grassroots' feel and you can relax all day wandering around the grounds.

There are benches hidden around in tiny nature filled coves and plenty of green areas that you can lounge around on. They have the amazing Garden Kitchen Cafe nestled in the heart of the gardens, which is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a book with some traditionally English refreshments.

It's where a lot of the work for our website gets done as it's unbelievably peaceful. Throughout the whole gardens, you're overwhelmed by nature so it's the perfect place to come and unwind, and be reminded of the beauty of the natural world. You wouldn't believe you're a stone through from the train station!

The Cambridge Botanic gardens is a bit of a local secret and despite the amazing experience, it offers few visitors stumble across it. If you come midweek in the morning, you'll likely have the place to yourself to wander in utopia!

Entrance to the garden is £5.45 and a tea costs £2, a grand total of £7.45 GBP. Not bad for what we think is the most beautiful experience in Cambridge, UK!

Contributor: Josh and Sarah from Veggie Vagabonds

One life-long veggie and one teen-convert, they both moved to a completely vegan lifestyle when realizing the impact of animal products on the planet. They firmly believe that life is far too short to eat bad food and that there are way too many adventures to be had to stay in one place. They wander through life taking it one meal at a time in search of belly-filling adventures around the globe. 

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