10 Golden Rules to Follow on Your First Date

Are you going on your first date? The chances of you being nervous would be relatively higher. You might have loads of questions on your mind including what to wear, what to talk about, and whether you would kiss. You would like to have date number two as well. In such a scenario, consider following these 10 dating rules to make a lasting impression. 

first date at the coffee shop
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Rule #1 – Do not try too hard to impress 

Stop looking for different ways to impress your date, rather be yourself. Notice the little things your date does for you. If your date makes an effort to impress you, return the favor. This is the first essential rule of dating. 

Rule #2 – Do not talk about your previous relationship 

Local women might want to be honest about their first date. As a result, they would start talking or discussing their ex. You should avoid such a mistake, as you are here with him or her to embark on a new relationship. You do not want to show him or her that you are still hung up on your ex. 

Rule #3 – Do not tell your date about the kind of person you seek 

If your conversation starts to go in this direction, consider redirecting it to other things. Let the other wonder about the person you seek in a relationship. Let your date wonder if they could be the one for you.

Do not give them clues about the kind of person you seek. You would want to see the kind of person your date is rather than the kind you want them to be. 

coffee date
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Rule #4 – Get them to talk about them 

Inquire about their work, hobbies, and interests. Consider showing interest in their talks. Do not interrupt while they talk about themselves. You might wonder how many dates before a relationship are, but the first date is all about getting to know the other person better. 

Rule #5 – Keep your conversation light 

The conversation should be light, without feelings of seriousness involved. Consider being flirty, easy, and fun to be with. Do not discuss your past and painful memories. First dates should be fun for both. 

Rule #6 – Smile as much as you can 

A smile could say more than words could ever say. It reveals your warm and attractive nature. If you want to take it up a notch, you can visit a dental expert like this one who does Invisalign in Williamsburg VA a day before your date to get a treatment to improve your smile.

Rule #7 – Do not discuss your future 

You are on your first date. If you are not allowed to discuss your past, do not discuss your future with them. Do not inquire about them calling you or seeing you again. Let them think they dictate the terms, whereas, in reality, you do. 

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Rule #8 – Keep your attitude 

The key to a successful date would be your attitude. Consider him or her just another random person you spend a fun-filled evening with. 

Rule #9 – Avoid any kinds of early sexual advances 

The golden rule of thumb here would be to wait when she gives you the sign that she is ready for it. Men should avoid early advancements of sexual nature. 

Rule #10 – Do not brag about your Casanova image 

You do not want her to have a Casanova impression of you. Do not give details of your ex on your first date with another woman. 

These ten golden rules would help you gain a second date and hopefully a stable relationship. For more dating advice, you can read more at https://www.stevejabba.com/.