Essential Purses and Handbags You Need to Own

Many people enjoy collecting purses and handbags, but that can be out of others’ reach. You don’t need to have dozens of bags in your closet to look good daily. You only need a few essential purses and handbags to complete your everyday looks.

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Essential Purses and Handbags

Essential purses and handbags are things you cannot do without. No one bag fits all purposes, so you need essential purses and handbags to look your best for different purposes. We will highlight some of these essential purses and handbags below.

A Regular Shoulder Bag

Everyone needs a regular shoulder bag in their closet. This bag gives you a sophisticated look for formal and informal events. Shoulder bags come in different styles and price ranges. Choose one that suits your style and budget as a daily go-to bag for work.

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An Everyday Tote Bag

Tote bags are versatile; you should always have at least one in your closet. This is not the one for market runs but a chic one that can finish a formal look. Get one that is big enough to hold your laptop, wallet, phone, keys and other essential items. For this type of tote bag, you need a strong material that won’t break.

A Chic Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are for everyone. You need it when you want to go around and move around freely. A crossbody bag also helps keep your things close. Invest in a chic crossbody bag with a sturdy and adjustable strap.

A Classic Evening Clutch

This is not an everyday purse, but you don’t want to wait until you need it before getting one. Instead, invest in a simple or glamorous evening clutch for when you need to attend a fancy event. If you don’t attend a fancy event often, you can buy a neutral color like black, gold or silver to match different outfits.

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A Casual Backpack

You may think you don’t need a backpack until you do. This bag is sturdy and spacious enough to hold a lot without breaking or putting a strain on you. It is also a good bag for the library if you are a student or do some academic work.

A Duffel

Duffels are also known as weekend bags. You need one when you go on a school or work trip. To avoid spending the last hours before a trip shopping for a good overnight big, buy one before you need it. Duffels are also good when you need to pack many things in a single bag.

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A Blingy Designer

A designer bag may not be considered essential to many people. However, you can invest in one if you love luxurious items. Since it is not a bag you will use often, ensure you select one that is durable and surpasses trends. You can use it years after purchase without being worn out or outdated.


Owning a few good bags allows you to rock any day or event as stylishly as fashion allows. Some of these bags serve multiple purposes, but no bag can serve all your needs. We have highlighted essential purses and handbags you need to own to complete every look you desire.