Chez Bon Hostel, The Best Place to Stay in the Vintage Part of Bandung when You’re on Budget

I remember once when I got randomly connected to someone through a meme in Slavorum, where this meme compared a place in Croatia with Bali. At that time, our conversation continued to go on through Messenger app and he said he’s been to Bandung, my hometown. And he mentioned about how much he liked Jalan Braga.

Last weekend, I got invited to stay at a hostel located exactly in Jalan Braga.

I don’t usually choose hostel as an accommodation whenever I travel, but the offer to stay at the hostel in the infamous stress that was once the promenade of Bandung in the 1920s? It’s not everyday I could get out of my comfort zone, is it?! 😉

Chez Bon Hostel is the name of the hostel, located in the street who used to be called Bragaweg in the Dutch Colonial era. I think it is the only hostel with such an excellent location in the heart of Bandung.

If you’re a history junkie, you’ll probably enjoy staying in one of the buildings in Jalan Braga that has been there long before the Great Depression. If that’s not enough, it’s only walking distance to some landmarks in Bandung like the Museum of Asia-Africa Conference, the building of Bank Indonesia, or Bandung Grand Mosque.

Chez Bon Hostel, Bandung
About Chez Bon Hostel

With a strategic location, Chez Bon Hostel is probably the first option for any budget traveler planning to visit Bandung. Especially those who are seeking some vintage experience in Parijs van Java.

With the lower rate starting from IDR 150,000 (around $11 USD) per night, not only does it offer the strategic location, but also the facility as well. With the price rate, a standard breakfast is included with an egg that you can cook by yourself in the kitchen and some bread.

For local Indonesian, some probably know that the hostel was once owned by the late Pak Bondan Winarno, a culinary expert who passed away some time last year.

The location of Chez Bon Hostel is pretty discreet with the hotel sign is somewhere between Warung Asik and Hangover, my favorite eatery in the street. You could enter the hostel from either Warung Asik or a door between the two eateries.

Despite the vintage look in the entry, you will be welcomed by some modern murals showing a lot of Bandung or Sundanese values in general.

The murals painted on the walls of Chez Bon Hostel.

They also have some books in the living room close to the front desk.

And for any of you who could survive living without mobile data on your phone, but occasionally need some time to check e-mail or even book a train or a flight ticket, then not only they have some decent wifi connection in all areas (except rooftop) around the hostel, but they also have a computer that can be used for any guest in front of the front desk.

Chez Bon’s Specialty

I got a complimentary stay in a single room with a bunk bed, as I asked my brother to come with me.

As it turns out, Chez Bon has no mixed dormitory room like most hostels. Instead, they’ve got this policy to separate male from female guests in the dorm. However, if you travel with your partner, you could book the single room where my brother and I stayed the night last weekend.

The single room with bunk bed for 2 pax.

The facility in the room is good enough with air conditioner and lockers inside.

As for the dormitory room, it has around 10 bed bunks with attached bathroom. As I said that they separate male from female guests, according to the receptionist, the female dormitory is located on the first floor, the same floor as the room that I stayed.

While the guys’ dormitory is on the second floor. On the second floor, there’s also some living room where you could find some books to read in case you get bored at the hostel. Although I doubt you’d get bored, as you’re in Braga street and you could always get out to kill the boredom. 🙂

Apart from the bed bunks, they also have their very own room in the basement with capsule beds available called ChezPod. Since it’s French and pronounced as sye-pod, it’s almost like a pun intended to Cepot, the infamous Sundanese puppet character whose characteristic is easy going and humorist. Nice one, very Bandung anyway! 😀

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The BeauTraveler on Chez Bon Hostel

Since I was staying in the single room, the shower is outside the room with 4 restrooms available. 2 for the toilet and 2 others for the shower room. They are clean with some big mirror for those who are in need for makeup time like me. 😉

The restrooms at Chez Bon Hostel.

Okay, so after a staycation for one night at Chez Bon Hostel, what’s my take on that? Here we go! 😀


  • The hostel feels so homey with friendly staff who will assist you, from giving you information to even booking you a train ticket.
  • The location is really strategic. With the price rate, you could get to some landmarks of the city through walking distance. No need to put some additional budget for any public transportation or taxi.
  • Each bed has a socket and a reading light, no need for some socket drama with your roommates! 😛
  • It has a rooftop with the mountain view. I bet not so many hostels in Bandung have that kind of view.
  • There’s a student discount for any go-show guests who could show them student cards.


  • I gotta say, I’m really not a target market for a hostel. One night is fine for me, but probably not for a long-term stay. I can’t imagine sharing bathroom everyday with strangers. Although for the dormitory room, I think it’s gonna be fine as it has an attached bathroom with all female guests.

Anyway, I think Chez Bon Hostel is the best place for any budget travelers out there who want to enjoy the classic part of Bandung like Braga.

Although now that I’ve stayed at a hostel and I know that there are so many options out there for an accommodation like a guest house to even an AirBnB room, what is your first priority when you choose an accommodation?

Would you still stay at a hostel if you could find an accommodation with cheaper rate but less strategic location? Tell me what you think, and cheerio! 😀

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 



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  1. I know you’re not a fan of hostals, but this hostal looks far cleaner than any other I’ve seen, haha! Sounds like it’s a great find though and you’re right, for one or two nights it’s fine. Exactly what you need in a hostal 🙂

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