27 Must-Visit Ex-Yugoslavia Destinations in the Balkans

27 Must-Visit Ex-Yugoslavia Destinations in the Balkans

The Balkans are a fascinating region to explore in Europe due to its beauty as well as turbulent history. When we talk about the Balkans area, if you're a history buff like I am, it is hard to ignore the most recent conflict in the region, especially in ex-Yugoslavia countries, throughout the 1990s.

One of the most diverse regions in Europe, there was a price to pay for its diversity that ended with wars, bombings, and genocide. I used to date a Balkan guy in my early 20s, and I remember one thing he said about the region: “Yugoslavia. We're now basically split into seven countries who are similar in one way, but very different in the other ways to the point that we just end up hating each other.”

So in this post, in collaboration with other fellow travel bloggers, we're going to give you a glimpse of each ex-Yugoslavia destination you must visit on your trip to the Balkans. Because despite all the things that occurred in the region in the past, today you can learn a lot from what happened. And more importantly, you can now explore the beauty of each country peacefully.

What You Could Get In Ljubljana For $10 – Some Alternatives to Spend Your Dollar Apart from Some Glass of Laško

Let's get back to Balkan again on this week's $10 series! 😉

If you read some of my old posts, you probably know by now that I'm particularly interested in this area as I did some research about what happened there during Yugoslav era. Well, after we covered Zagreb a few months ago, it's time for us to cover another area in Balkan! 😉

You see, some normies out there might probably mistake Slovenia from Slovakia. So let's be clear here, now that we're covering Ljubljana, it is the capital city of Slovenia. NOT Slovakia.

If you asked me how to tell the difference between the two countries, let's go back to the 80s… Back then, Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia, while Slovakia was half of Czechoslovakia. This might be more interesting, as our contributor for this post is actually a Czech, Tereza from Czick On The Road.