Budget Backpacker: Seven Tips for Backpacking on the Cheap!

If you're keen to head out and explore the world, leaving your job and home behind for a while, you’re not alone. So many of us look out of the window at work, daydreaming we're on a flight to a far-flung place in the world and not staring at a computer on a desk at work.

No one wants to be stagnant and as it's 2019, we're now accustomed to being bombarded with so many good deals, the temptation to take off and not look back for a while is overwhelming.

Budget Backpacker: Seven Tips for Backpacking on the Cheap! - The BeauTraveler

The key? Do it as cheaply as you can.

From learning where to find the cheap hostels in the locations you're planning to visit, to using codes from NetVoucherCodes.co.uk to get the best deals on transport and luggage, you need to be savvy about how you travel abroad.

You don't want to end up without cash, so with the seven tips below, you can backpack with the lowest possible budget this year. What are you waiting for? Let's take a look!

A Free Place to Crash

You need to sleep, and the most costly part of traveling is often in the accommodation. The hotels add up quickly, and hostels do, too.

The best thing you can do is map your route to hit as many camping sites as possible, and use voucher codes to get a great deal on camping equipment.

Free Transport

You were blessed with a working pair of legs, right? Well, that means you can walk as much as possible to get you where you need to be.

It's got a bit of a reputation in the West, but far more people are hurt in bus crashes than they are hitchhiking, and there are ways to hike safely and flag down a ride if you need one. Be savvy here, and you'll be safer than on a bus!

And I know so many people might be super cautious when it comes to hitchhiking, and that's alright… Because there are plenty of ways to travel on the lowest budget possible. You could get so many tips to get cheap flight ticket out there, and you could save some money through transportation that way.

Source: Pxhere

Local Food

So many people make the mistake of eating in expensive restaurants for the cuisine experience, but street food can be so much cheaper than you think, and the local food in the markets can be better and more authentic than that expensive restaurant.

Again, find voucher codes and save where you can.

The Art of Haggling

It's an ancient art, but people around the world still practice it.

Haggling is going to be your savior instead of paying for something seven times more expensive because you forgot to have the courage and ask for less.


If you know people who know people in the locations you want to visit, be bold and ask for a couch surf, a visit – anything that gets you a free night in a location to crash safely.

Know your contacts and where they are, and you get support in a new country.

Source: Pxhere


Money can stretch, but it isn't infinite (more's the pity!).

However, plenty of places will allow you to work cash in hand for good hours so you can pay your way in the next location. All you have to do is ask.

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