Tricks to Stop Thinning Hair in Its Tracks

Hair thinning can be caused for all sorts of reasons, such as stress, hormones, hair dye, diet, and some medical conditions can be the problem. There are ways to help prevent this happening to you, but they may mean a few tweaks to your lifestyle or beauty routine.

Tricks to Stop Thinning Hair in Its Tracks - The BeauTraveler

Alter Your Diet

If your hair thinning is a nutritional problem, eating more protein will help. A reasonably sized portion of fish or meat each day can make a difference. Try it for a couple of weeks and you will see that your hair starts to revert to its thicker natural state.

If your diet is the cause, having extra vitamins B12 and D can also help, as a lack of them slows down hair growth, which will promote thinning. A lack of iron is also a very common cause of hair thinning, which you can help to put right by eating iron-rich foods or taking an iron supplement.

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Stop Pulling Your Hair Out

Constantly having your hair tied back in a tight ponytail does it not good at all in the beauty stakes.

This, as well as too much use of blow dryers and excessive wearing of extensions, will put a strain on your hair follicles and could cause the start of traction alopecia.

When your hair starts to thin, choose a loose style for it, rather than one that involves tight pulls.

Seek Help For The Right Treatment

You should not ignore the thinning of your hair, and if you are not sure how to treat it you should visit a leading hair treatment centre to get the help you need. They will be able to investigate the cause of the problem and advise you on the best way to get over it.

See Your GP If There Are Other Symptoms

If hair thinning is just one of your symptoms, and perhaps you have gained weight, are often tired and your skin has become dry, the cause could be a medical condition.

There are several conditions that can make your hair thin, including thyroid problems. The best solution here is to see your GP so they can carry out tests to get to the root of the situation and prescribe the right treatment to correct it.

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Hair Care Routine

As part of your hair care routine, you should also care for your scalp. A healthy scalp is far more likely to promote healthy hair and new growth. There are products on the market designed especially for this task, and they are worth investing in if your hair starts to thin.

Also as part of your hair care routine, you should not forget a hair conditioner. Without it, your hair can become dehydrated which will make it brittle and easily damaged. Lightweight conditioners, which have glycerine and panthenol as two of their ingredients, will moisturize and help to keep fragile hair stronger.

However, if your attempts fail to keep you away from thinning your hair, it shouldn't be the end of the world since there's always a solution like wigs or hair topper you can get from segohair.