Four Reasons to Wear an SPF Everyday

We all know that we should be wearing a sunscreen when we’re traveling in hot, sunny places, and at home when the sun is strong. Actually, we should all be wearing an SPF every day.

This might seem strange when the weather is grey and rainy, but in reality, there are a lot of advantages to doing so. Here’s why you should wear an SPF every day.

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1. SPF protects your skin from UV rays.

The ozone layer has depleted, which has increased everyone’s risk of sun damage from UV rays, even on overcast days.

An SPF, whether in sunscreen or an SPF-based makeup, like Colorscience, will block these rays. This greatly reduces your risk of sunburn and other conditions related to UV damage.

Look for an SPF of at least factor 15 (some people recommend 30), and use it every single day. About an ounce of sunscreen is enough for full-body coverage. Make sure any exposed skin is covered. 

2. SPF lowers your risk of skin cancer.

Skin cancer is a very common form of cancer. Sunburn and UV damage to the skin greatly increases your risk. The most effective way to reduce your risk is to avoid getting a sunburn. The best way to do that? Wear sunscreen. 

3. SPF prevents premature skin aging.

UV rays and sun damage cause aging of the skin known as photoaging. Photoaging is what causes that thick, leathery look you will have noticed on sun-worshippers.

The skin becomes discolored, and collagen breaks down. A lack of collagen contributes to lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

Apply sunscreen properly, and you’ll be far less likely to develop these signs of aging than those who don’t use an SPF. 

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4. SPF helps to maintain an even skin tone.

Wearing an SPF helps to prevent the discolouration and dark spots on the skin that sun damage can cause. This helps you to maintain a much more even and smooth skin tone. 

In order to properly protect your skin, you need to wear an SPF every day. From birth, we all need protection from harmful UV rays. The earlier you start, the less damage you will get from the sun, but it’s never too late to unlearn bad habits and start better protecting your skin. 

Make sure that any exposed skin is covered. A light SPF can be worn on the face, but don’t forget your hands! People often miss these, and this is why your hands are often the part of the body that give away your age, with brown age spots. Once you’ve damaged your skin, it’s hard to reverse the damage, so it’s better to protect it properly in the first place. Remember easily missed areas like your scalp, lips, and the tops of your feet. 

There are hundreds of SPF products out there, so even if reapplying sunscreen all day is inconvenient, there’s no excuse. Try make-up or powder with SPF in. Buy sunscreen in a cream or spray format. Whatever means you’ll actually put it on. 

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