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Europe at a Glance with INSIDR.CO

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It’s always such a delight whenever I come across another blog or website whom I share the same goals with. Though we share the same purpose, it’s always as if getting fresh eyes and seeing things from a different perspective!

One of those platforms is INSIDR.co, a travel website aimed at publishing useful and up-to-date content on traveling in Europe. I’m excited to be sharing some articles of theirs that I think might be useful to my followers too!

So I’ve linked them all up for you to see them easily and like always, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, or suggest content that you’d like to see covered. Anyway, here goes!

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What You Could Get In Cambridge For $10 – Strolling the Local’s Hidden Gem

Reading Time: 3 minutes

From English dictionary to the infamous Stephen Hawking, I think we all agree that at some point in our lives, we get familiar with the word Cambridge.

But for those who are not Briton, how much do you know about the city other than the university and its campus architecture and notable achievements in research and whatnot?! Let’s take an example… Me.

I used to work for an English school, and it was in my daily task to promote our Cambridge curriculum a few years ago. But then again, if you ask me what else that I know about Cambridge as the city, I’ll probably shut up because I have zero knowledge about the city itself.

So, after we covered York a couple of weeks ago for the $10 series, now let’s find out more about Cambridge… This time, I’ve got Josh and Sarah from Veggie Vagabonds to contribute for this piece! 😉

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What You Could Get In York For $10 – Betty’s Fat Rascal

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By now, you probably know that I’m the queen of random trivia that could amaze some people I met along the way, yet (still) couldn’t get me far in life. At least not so far.

So, now that we’ve read about what we could get in New York for $10 a few months ago, let me give you another random trivia… Did you know that New York is called New York, because it’s named after York as King Charles II gave the land to his brother James, who happened to be the Duke of York?

Sure, just like all the useless knowledge that I’ve got in mind, I didn’t get any medal of appreciation from spending on Google for a little too much.

But then again, on this week’s $10 series, we will go to the original York because the lovely Nadia from Saying Yes would love to share with us some fatty from the city of England. Nope, I’m not fat shaming anybody here, don’t worry! 😀

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