You Don’t Have to Force Yourself Into A Relationship Just Because Everyone Is In It

As you all probably know, I’m the frequent user of online dating sites. It’s been a couple of years ever since I first signed up on some sites that I’m a member of.

My take on dating sites has been fluctuating too, as in at first I was super excited to meet some new people and hang out. And then only use it for the sake of hooking up, until nowadays I basically just have it to see what I can get from it.

To be fair, the only reason why I feel like I need to keep it is simply that I, at some point, hope that I will meet somebody soon through those sites. Someone that is good enough with whom I can get along, and maybe create a future together.

You Don't Have to Force Yourself Into A Relationship Just Because Everyone Is In It - The BeauTraveler

But so far, it’s my only hope as I haven’t found anyone like that. Or at least close to it.

I get bored easily and more often than not, the people that I talked to have become the people that wasted my time with.

Why Do I Keep My Dating Site Account Even Though I Don’t Think I’m Ready For A Relationship?

For all I care, I think nowadays people seem to find it hard to commit in terms of a relationship. Admit it, it’s just how the way it is these days.

In fact, I think it’s no longer embarrassing to admit that you’re actually on a dating site because almost everyone is, with our modern lifestyle and whatnot.

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For a start, maybe you could start signing up for a local dating site, such as Cumbria dating site. In a way, it’s super handy as the people on it are close to you so the chance for you to meet each other and connect directly is quite high.

Well, the downside is that you’ll probably someone that you actually know in person. I mean, some people don’t like the idea of getting connected with someone you know through a dating site. I know, because I decided to deactivate my account once when I got a friend texting me on Instagram as he said that he saw my profile on a dating site.

That was quite embarrassing, but then here I am again making some attempts to make a connection with new people and all that! 😐

1. Keeping My Account Makes Me Feel Like I Actually Put A Little Effort In My Dating Scene.

Well, especially when you live a life like me when your parents put slightly a little pressure to get married soon and move out or whatever, I honestly have no idea what kind of efforts that I could do except for keeping my account safe over there.

I think I’ve got an issue with this kind of peer pressure, like… I feel like it’s safe enough for me to have someone to talk to just so when people ask me about what’s up in my love life, I can say that I’m kinda talking to someone. Despite he’s not that special and just another guy that I talk to, whatever. 😛

2. Keeping It Active Gives Me A Ray of Hope About Eventually Finding the Mr. Right.

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No matter how much I don’t like to admit it, but I’m a hopeless romantic. I feel like, at some point, I deserve to live a happy life with someone that I’m genuinely in love with. Maybe he’s not there right now, but he will be in the future.

And I don’t want to close the opportunity by deactivating my dating site account. After all, love could exist in every corner.

If I should find it around the dating site, then be it.

3. Keeping My Profile Makes Me Aware of The Options I’ve Got Out There.

Even when it comes to the dating sites, there’s plenty out there to choose. From dating sites in Cumbria to some other where you can connect with people internationally. You could sign up on whatever site you want, and God knows you might find your special someone in one of them.

It’s always great to feel like you actually have an option in everything in life. Even better as you know you can choose the best out of them. And I think that’s the issue, I think I am still yet to find the best of all the options I’ve got out there.

There’s No Need To Rush In A Relationship. Slow Down and Be Careful!

I mean, sure you might get jealous of everyone who starts getting married and having babies when you’re just there, kinda feeling sorry of yourself and wondering why you’re so unwanted.

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But then again, it’s always better to play it safe and slow down. You know the risk of marrying the wrong person? It’s huge!

Breath a little and keep it slow. After all, everything needs time. And so do you when you meet a new person. He might seem like a great guy, someone that you feel like could be yours forever. But give yourself some time before actually committing to him.

The right one for you will make you feel better about yourself, even in the worst kind of days. and you deserve someone like that. If you’ve found him, then you’re the lucky one. If you haven’t, I hope you’re getting closer to him no matter what.

Take your time, because the best is yet to come.


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