Why Are White Guys That Like Asian Girls Mostly Average If Not Bad Looking? And Why Do Asian Guys Hate Them For That?

Okay, so is the title controversial enough to let yourself stuck on my page reading this post? I hope yes because I can really use some views on my blog just for the sake of my pride as an aspiring blogger. *lol*

Well, the reason why I decided to write this topic was because I just got kicked out from one of the groups on Facebook. It’s very unfortunate because in fact amongst all the groups, this one is actually my favorite. It’s called Shitposting in Asia Ironically.

Pretty much like the name, the group is full of irony and well, shit. You can find some unpopular yet popular opinion about Asia, be it the countries in Asia or its people.

It’s the place where Indonesian roast Malaysian in an open space. The place where Malaysian roast us for claiming things and we wonder how Nguyen pronounced just so we can involve Vietnam too. I mean, you know that Philippines is like the South East Asian Mexico/Middle East nowadays right? 😛

And other inappropriate jokes that you may find ‘too much’ if you’re a cultured lady with a chance of Disney Princess.

Which I am not. 😉

So ironically, I got kicked out because I shared one of the videos from another account with a coffee machine tap with 2 Asian ladies squatting that makes the lady look like they’re… Well, shitting.

Long story short, I got kicked out from a shitposting group because I posted shit. But anyway…

Back to the topic, the reason why I wanted to write this was that I got into a ‘discussion’ on the group because one of the members asked this unpopular ‘popular’ question right here. *lucky I screenshot this before I got kicked lol

Before you throw me hate messages, please know that I’m not always this rude. I just had to answer things with irony because it was a shitposting group okay?

In fact, it wasn’t the only post that inspired me to write this piece. Because, a few days before, there was this guy who posted something like this: is it true that Asian guys don’t like the idea of white guys dating Asian girls? And is it true they are salty over white guys for exactly the same reason?

I feel the need to respond to these posts because… Well, I’m an Asian girl. I’ve dated some white guy(s) as well as Asian guy(s). Needless to say, I feel entitled to speak out my opinion on this issue.

Why Are White Guys That Like Asian Girls Mostly Average If Not Bad Looking?

For this question, I suppose I made it clear enough on my answer above as I chose to be ‘civil’ and tell them that the guys that I have dated, be it the White or Asian guy, I always think they’re hot at one point to the point I agree to date them.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s all about consent. And yes, beauty (and hotness!) lies in the eye of the beholder.

I mean, just admit it, not everyone thinks Brad Pitt is that hot. Neither everyone thinks ginger is red-labelled for the sake of their hair (or attitude). I’d choose Rupert Grint over Brad Pitt everytime, and I think Beyonce is overrated.

Are you mad? No. Because I’m also entitled to my personal opinion.

In this situation, I’m the cute girl who decided to date average if not bad looking white guys.

First of all, if I could choose any white guy to have sex with, then I wouldn’t even think twice to choose Matteo Brighi over anyone.

The love of my life, Matteo Brighi. Kbye!

You see, this is my ideal guy: fit with brunette hair and fair skin. Is that too much to ask? Yes. But am I gonna wait forever until I get the guy with this look says yes to date me? Maybe yes. But maybe no.

My point is, I want to marry a millionaire and be a soccer mom who has time to go to the beauty salon at least once a week and wear designer clothes. But then again, I have nothing but feeling like a loser and writing this piece at my parents’ home trying to make my ends meet through affiliate marketing although it doesn’t earn me that much. *lol*

So then if I meet someone funny who knows how to make me laugh, even though he’s white and a little overweight with skinhead, then if he looks fine enough for my eyes and knows how to turn me on in bed, I wouldn’t think twice to date him even though some people think he’s bad looking.

I mean, haven’t you heard about beauty and the beast? Not to make myself sound insecure, but isn’t it better to be the beauty of the relationship than the beast? I mean, if Belle is allowed to get attracted to the beast, then why can’t I?

PS. No, size does NOT matter if you really want to know. 

Why Do Asian Guys Hate The White Guys For Dating Asian Girls?

According to the guy who posted this question, he legitimately found a group with many Asian guys as members. There, these Asian guys talk rotten things about white guys who date Asian girls because they feel like these white guys ‘take over’ what they should have gotten.

So, here’s the question: why are they salty over the white guys for dating Asian girls?

This is my answer, which apparently some other Asian girls would agree: this kind of guys, not only they are salty over the white guys, this is the kind of Asian guys that will be salty over the Asian girls too! This is the kind of guys that I would not recommend to anybody.

Why Are White Guys That Like Asian Girls Mostly Average If Not Bad Looking? And Why Do Asian Guys Hate Them For That? -The BeauTraveler

Not Asian. Not Caucasian. Not Black. Not even a puppy. 🙁

So then I’ve become ‘too much information’ when I answered this question followed up with one event that happened to me a few months ago.

I went out with this Asian guy a couple of times some time ago. There was a month gap since our first date to our second, and it happened some time after Hari Raya. And you know how Hari Raya could make us, Muslim girls in Indonesia?

So yes, I’ve gained weight from rendang and cookies my Mom made me for Hari Raya. So sorry to spill the tea for you, but that’s what happened when you had to fast for a month in Ramadhan. I ate a lot and I gained a few kgs.

What happened was, we had sex. I made him cum and he whispered me this mantra, “I think you should lose some weight.”

Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash

That, after he felt entitled to tell me that my skin looked darker than before.

The thing is, he couldn’t even make me cum with his fit body and fair skin. I could obviously make him cum and now he told me to lose weight and complained about my tanned skin? Excuse me?

Okay, so the saddest thing about some popular Asian perception is this: they are obsessed with white skin that some of them, they see it as some bullshit degrading status.

There are still some people out there who would complain about getting tanned after a sunny day at the beach instead of being grateful for the short getaway while others had to work their ass off to make the ends meet. And the questions (and concerns) about physical appearance are one way to start a conversation, no matter how close you are to that person.

It’s Asian thingy, I suppose? If you’re Asian and you’re in this category, sorry to say man… But you need to change before you complain about the white guys taking over the high-quality Asian girls. Not that I am one of them. Well, I’m one of them. Get your shit together.

The funny thing is that… This guy would complain about us Asian girls dating white guys when they complain about us getting tanned and expect us to have a lighter shade of skin? Can’t they see the irony?


I think this situation can be applied to anyone from different backgrounds. I’m speaking from Asian category so that I hope it explains why it works and why it doesn’t in one way or another.

I mean, of course, not all Asian guys are as shitty as the guy who told me to lose weight after sex. Also, I’m not gonna date just any white guy I met in the street because again, consent?!

My point is, whatever your race is, be it Asian or white or anything really, just respect each other and you’ll know who’s right for you. Race-aside.

Say no to racism and cheerio! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Why Are White Guys That Like Asian Girls Mostly Average If Not Bad Looking? And Why Do Asian Guys Hate Them For That?”

  1. Interesting opinion and conclusion..

    Sometimes the hate from a asian male opinion may not be about what they would have gotten or what they wish they could have.. my opinion – mixed couples mostly (asian girl with non Asian partners would produce offspring that won’t continue being asian anymore. Our roots of our culture is lost.. language, iconic foods and traditions within the asian culture is gone as generations tend to evolve.. can I say most asian women married to non asian races, will usually bow down to their man’s cultural background. It’s quite sad to see that in the future we won’t see as much of traditional asian culture within their offspring even when they have some part of being asian within them. They just won’t understand their heritage of their elders.

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