When You Love Traveling but You Can’t Live Without Makeup

Once I read an article about the girls who travel. I forgot exactly what it said but in that article, it mentioned something about how the girls who travel, they usually love themselves the way they are that they don’t feel insecure to leave the house without makeup. And I was like, excuse me? Am I an anomaly around here?

To be fair, I’m not the girl on the road with my backpack hopping from one place to another constantly for the sake of traveling. However, I suppose I am quite well-traveled as I have this goal to travel to a place that I have never been before at least once a year. Despite getting stressed with work and all that, I’ve succeeded in this goal for the past few years. So I consider myself a girl who travels.

But to call myself a girl who can leave the house without makeup would be exaggerating. In fact, I need to look exquisite with fairly good makeup on my travel because I have to look pretty in my picture and also because traveling is the only thing that makes me happy, and wearing makeup in your happiest state of mind is the best thing I could get as a girl who travels.

When it comes to this, I always remember a quote said by a wise woman over here. I mean, ehm, what’s Becky Katsopolis really without being an inspiration for those girls with power? For real, she’s like Hillary Clinton in her time without those e-mails, Benghazi and Lewinski. *lol*

Speaking of which, so from this feeling of being an anomaly (although I’m sure there are a lot of girls out there who love both traveling and makeup at the same time!), I decided to post some makeup I usually bring with me for my travel.

See, this is why I call this blog a BeauTravel blog. Because I know beauty and travel can be combined in the most perfect way possible.

Of course there will be those people that might roll their eyes so hard seeing the makeup you take with you on your travel. Like I used to date this guy who was rolling his eyes so hard that he was actually questioning how I could take so many space for my makeup only around the sink in our hotel room. That amateur doesn’t understand, but I’m sure some of you will do. 🙂

You see this pouch above? I take this pouch wherever I go traveling. What’s inside is crucial to the point I may not be able to travel without this pouch. This time, I only want to show you what I wear on my face during my travel. Inside the pouch, there are still some other stuff like deodorant, body lotion and other beauty products that I consider important for my travel.

When it comes to my face, the picture above shows you what stuff I find essential. What are they?

  1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25Hr with Comfort Serum Foundation (100 – Ivory)
  2. Revlon Grow Luscious – Mascara Waterproof (821 – Blackest Black)
  3. Moor’s Liquid Concealer 
  4. Eyelash Curler
  5. The Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter
  6. Milkyajy Anahilwa Blush (06 – Um AlQuain)
  7. Wardah Luminous Face Powder (02 – Beige)
  8. Jordana Powder Bronzer (01 – Beach Bronze)
  9. Purbasari Eyeliner Pen Daily Series (Black)
  10. Just Miss Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Brown)
  11. Rollover Reaction – The Clique Collection (Livv)

Those are the mantras that I usually put on my face in order to look great during my holiday. :p

How do I look during my travel? Check this out!

Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t mind leaving my apartment to grab some food around without makeup. But I could also boost up my confidence with makeup. It’s like, really? Can’t you tell the difference the makeup makes to my face? It’s astonishing so…

I mean, for real… Makeup is love. Makeup is life.

So, are you also a traveler who loves makeup as much as I am? What stuff do you usually pack for your travel? Give me a shoutout, and cheerio!

-Marya the BeauTraveler- 

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