When You Barely Have Any Sense of Art at National Gallery Singapore

If there’s anything that I lack, I think it’s my sense of art. I mean, I don’t know though, I used to be really good at drawing and painting but then the talent had long gone ever since I hit the age of 5.

But then when I saw some of my friends’ pictures taken at National Gallery Singapore, I knew for sure that I wanted to visit the gallery for the sake of art. No matter how much sense of art that has gone before me. 😛

So then in my last visit, I told my brother that the only paid ticket that we’d pay for our visit in Singapore was only for National Gallery Singapore and nothing else. And being the first timer in Singapore, my brother was kind of shocked with the price in Singapore that he totally agreed with me.

The next thing we did was that we came to National Gallery after we spent some time at Merlion Park and Esplanade in the freaking afternoon. I mean, it was always sunny in Singapore. At least, it had always been whenever I paid for a visit to this city-state and we all know the city-state is so family-friendly to visit.

For my last trip to Singapore, I barely had any fixed itinerary with me, so I really just went all over the place. Anywhere we reached, that was where we visited.

We took the MRT to Raffles Place in the attempt to visit Merlion Park first only to find out that it was actually walking distance to National Gallery Singapore, because we saw the gallery even before we found Merlion Park from the Exit B. 😀

However, since we initially planned to visit Merlion first, we only entered the National Gallery right after we took unnecessary pics at Merlion Park. Although unlike basic Indonesian tourists, we didn’t take the pic in front of the Merlion statue.

I mean, I have taken it the first time I came to Singapore 4 years ago. But not my brother. *lol*

About National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore is a brand new visual art institution housing a collection of modern Singapore and Southeast Asian art that is dedicated to curating a collection with insights into the unique art, heritage and history of the region.

The gallery itself is housed in two national monuments – City Hall and former Supreme Court. Hence, the luxurious building.

To enter the National Gallery Singapore, visitors are divided into two: Singaporeans and foreigners. Free entrance for all Singaporeans by showing your ID card, while for foreigners the entry ticket costs SGD 20.

FYI, there will be a 10% off if you’re Singapore Airlines passenger. Sadly, I wasn’t flying with SQ so no discount for my pity self. 🙁

In exchange, you will be given a ticket and a sticker that you could stick to your clothes or something. The staff in each exhibition and section would ask your ticket if they didn’t see the sticker anywhere around you, so better stick it somewhere. 😉

My Favorite Exhibition: The Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama

Like I told you, I lack the sense of art and I gotta say that for some I’m probably an ignorant when it comes to art. And the only reason why I wanted to visit National Gallery Museum was that I wanted to take some pics of myself in this colorful room like my friends did. Pretty selfish reason, but well…

As it turned out, it’s Yayoi Kusama’s The Obliteration Room that I wanted to visit and take some pictures at. It’s that one room full of polkadots.

I know it’s pretty useless to write a review on this, but I wish I could tell you more about the meaning of this exhibition. But I couldn’t, except to show you how cute the pictures are with those polkadot full of colors.

Other Things To See Around the Gallery

For someone who has almost zero sense of art, I suppose the only part of National Gallery Singapore that satisfied me was just The Obliteration Room.

I mean, I’m quite sure the National Gallery Singapore is worth to visit for people who actually appreciate and understand art. But when it comes to me, I’m quite blind.

Like when I got to see the Paper Planet by Polyglot Theater, I couldn’t just help but wonder, why does it look like just garbage for my eyes? I mean, beauty is in the eye of beholder. And clearly, I simply can’t see the beauty behind it. Sad, right? 🙁

RIP my sense of art.

However, I also had a good time at Keppel Centre for Art not only because the area was so full of pictures and colors that kind of wake my inner child. Other than that, you could also do some drawings and coloring in some areas if you want.

And I did, although I ended up getting bored and just left. I mean, that speaks a lot about my character, doesn’t it? *lol*

I got to relax at the project gallery of Betty Susiarjo’s The Blue Who Swims All The Way. The environment kind of soothed our mind and we could really use some relaxation on the stone pillow.

Apart from them, I think the rest was kind of boring. At least from my point of view. I mean, I’m sure there are some of you who would appreciate some artsy stuff. I mean, I wish I coud understand more but then again I suppose this thing is just not for everyone, and maybe it’s simply not for me.

However, I didn’t regret spending SGD 20 for this visit, because despite the fact that it’s a bit pricey for my budget, I think the gallery is worth to visit at least for once.


I’m not planning to visit it again anytime soon, unless if I marry random Singaporean and successfully be a soccer mom as well as change my passport into Singapore passport like my initial goal. I mean, that way I don’t need to pay for the entry ticket right? *lol*

Well, I think that’s a wrap for me about National Gallery Singapore. Hope this will help to decide whether the gallery is for you or not to visit next time you go to Singapore!

Meanwhile, I suppose I just have to face the fact that Singapore simply just makes me feel more of singlepoor. 😛

But then again, no one could argue the fact that in this region, it has the best of everything. There’s a reason why National University of Singapore is listed at the top in Asia. Yes, because the tuition in Singapore is worth the $$$!

Are you considering to visit Singapore next? Well, this may help you to decide. Meanwhile, that’s a wrap for now and see you on the next post, and cheerio! 😀

This article was written in collaboration with a Singaporean tuition agency, Smile Tutor


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