When The World Is Your Oyster, Let Travel Quartz Be The Shell of It!

Hello again, the beautravelers! 😀

Now that it’s Friday, you know what I’m coming up with: The Wander Lover Series! And this time, I am excited to introduce you all to TravelQuartz. What is TravelQuartz and who’s behind the blog? And why would I like to recommend it to you all?

Founded by Neha, a woman with a full-time job who occasionally travels as she admits that it’s her own passion. In fact, she has walked on many beaches, crossed many streets and ate many cuisines in different traveling destinations.

From New Zealand to Los Angeles, she has compiled her journey into this travel quartz with each ‘quartz’ is filled with her recommendation to share for any other travelers in order to help them make their journey more meaningful.

Want to know more?

A Traveler With No Label

My first question to every blogger that I have featured is the same: how do you consider your traveling style? Are you more like a backpacker (or rather, begpacker?) or a jetsetter?

And for this question, Neha refused to answer just once as she sticks to her mood and destination to decide how she would travel everytime. Not only she’d rather be a no-label traveler, but then for that we can see that she’s indeed a versatile traveler! 😉


She has chosen TravelQuartz as the name of her blog as it is another name for travel insights collected along her journey for all readers and fellow travelers.

One word that sums up what travel means to Neha: LIFESTYLE

And with her versatility, she could reach a lot of travelers whose traveling style suit hers. From backpacking in Rishikesh or Florence to camping on the hills of Dayara to the luxury resorts on the beaches of Phuket and Switzerland.


Who’s Gonna Enjoy TravelQuartz and Why?

First of all, Neha is an accomplished traveler. She has been traveling for at least 10 years as she has been to places from Sri Lanka to South Africa. The list is endless, because there are still a lot of places she is yet to see.

But with her experience, she indeed has so many recommendations and inputs in regards to the places that she has ever visited. 😉

As for now, Neha has written a lot of contents in India although soon she is planning to expand on various continents from her various travel. No wonder, as she has only started her TravelQuartz project in less than a year.


Her life-changing travel happened when she went on her first trekking trip to Himalayan Dayara Bugyal treks. According to Neha, it was one of the closest stays she had in nature under the starry night waking up to see peaks of mighty Himalayan Range. And this event motivates her to travel even more. 🙂

Are you planning to visit India anytime soon? If yes, maybe it’s time to check out TravelQuartz for more details! 😀


Must-Visit Place According To TravelQuartz

Now that she’s been to many places in the past 10 years, what place would she recommend to visit?

Her recommendation is the one and only her home state, Rajasthan, because this Indian state has a lot to offer, especially for a traveler who’s keen to learn more about culture and particularly interested in beautiful architecture. Not only it is colorful, but it also offers various destination from sand dune to national parks! 😀

What’s Next?

TravelQuartz is planning to visit the United States once again, especially the West Coast. She has been there in the past and she loved the scenic road trip on the pacific north west to the Big Sur. And for this time, she would love to visit various national parks and see more beautiful part of the American dream.

The BeauTraveler on TravelQuartz

After I’ve been given the information about Rajasthan, I directly checked out TravelQuartz’s post on the state and I am actually awed by the pictures and architectures. Rajasthan DOES have a lot to offer, as I’m not really familiar when it comes to must-go places in India.


As someone who only knows the ‘generic’ destination like New Delhi, Kerala, Mumbai and Kashmir area, I suppose if one day I get a chance to visit India, I totally have to give Rajashtan a try. Thanks to Neha! 😀

About the blog though, despite that Neha only started it less than a year, I think TravelQuartz is quite informative. Not only it has a lot of blogposts about India that you can take as recommendation (and consideration!) for your next travel, but Neha also provides vlogs for those of you interested to watch some visual details on the places she has been. 😀

I’m not planning to visit India anytime soon, but then I would totally keep TravelQuartz in mind just in case I get a chance to do it sooner than I think it will be. 😉

Despite the content, I personally love TravelQuartz’s Instagram gallery as it’s full of many attractive pictures.

So, are you planning to go to India soon? Or maybe you just want to check out TravelQuartz to see what travel insights that you could get from it? Please do check it out here!

Okay, so that’s a wrap for now. I hope you’ve had a nice day today approaching the weekend. See you on the next series and cheerio! 😀

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  1. This is quite impressive explanation in detail about the various tourist places in India and abroad covered by Neha and so beautifully explained travel insights through the blogs in Travel quartz with impressive photographs. Thanks to beau traveler .com .

    1. I’ve got a health problem that made me consider to quit, but I think I like the non-flying job better as well. 🙂

      For the pictures, you can check out travelquartz.com as those on this post belong to hers. Cheers!

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