What You Need to Remember When Your Dad Finds Love Again After Your Mom Passed Away

Recently, my cousin got a trouble coping with the fact that her dad is getting married again, a few years after my aunt passed away.

I’ve never been in her shoes, but then again it seems to me that her other siblings could handle it better. They’re more understanding with the idea of their dad getting married. After all, we’re all adults and theoretically speaking, it seems easier to understand the reason for what our parents do these days.

So if you’re like my cousin, who finds it hard to accept the idea of how there will be another ‘woman’ that is not your mom around the house you grew up in, maybe you need to remember some things before rejecting the idea of what makes your dad happy.

What You Need to Remember When Your Dad Finds Love Again After Your Mom Passed Away - The BeauTraveler

The Concept of Finding Love Again is For Everyone. The Elderly is Included.

I’m not exactly a fan of Haruki Murakami or his depressing novel, but there’s one line that I always keep in mind ever since I read his novel Norwegian Wood: “The dead will always be dead, but we have to go on living.”

Yes, maybe it’s easier for me to say this as I never really experienced the loss of my beloved ones, especially my parents. But I had to cope with the loss of my pet, and I thought my life would end there. Those who never had pets might not understand this, but when you grew up with your pet, your pet is also a member of your family.

Losing your beloved one is bad enough, but one thing that you need to remember: it’s even worse when you lose yourself too when trying to cope with the loss.

I understand, it must be hard for you to accept when you find out that your parent is dating again after you lost your other parent. But again to Murakami’s quote, the dead will always be dead, but we have to go on living.

Things to Remember When You Find It Hard to Accept that Your Dad Finds Love Again After You Lost Your Mom

Nowadays, finding a way to date again is not a hard task. Not only for you with the concept of dating sites, but also with our parents and senior dating sites.

When it comes to my uncle, it has been almost 4 years ever since my aunt died. I think it’s long enough for him to spend his days alone without company in his house. And despite not being his daughter, I could understand when he finally moves on and decides to marry another woman, who’s also my other aunt.

He married my dad’s sister until her very last breath, and now he’s falling for my dad’s cousin. Who’s also my late aunt’s.

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Even with this idea, my cousin still finds it hard to accept it. So here, I’m trying to list a few stuff that might help those who are in the same position as her now.

Tell Yourself Not To Be Selfish

Always remember that you love your parents the same, be it your late mom or your dad. Now that you’ve only got your dad left who’s still alive and well, then why don’t you tell yourself that if it’s for his own happiness, then be it?!

After all, by now you probably move out of the house you grew up in and he’s the only person living in the house without any company. He’s getting old.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like the idea of him having some company is better than leaving him all alone at home. God forbid, what if something bad happens while he’s alone at home? You don’t want that to happen, do you?

If you understand the concept, maybe now you even think about finding him the right person to accompany him in his older days. Well, you could always play Holly in Hilary Duff’s movie The Perfect Time a long time ago, to find someone perfect for her mother.

Why don’t you start creating a dating site account for your dad? Maybe start with a local dating site, like Staffordshire dating site? 😉

Always Remember to Communicate Your Feeling So You Can Mutually Understand Each Other

The thing about my cousin and my uncle is that, they don’t seem to be open to one and another. Like, when my cousin finds it hard to cope with the idea of him getting married again, instead of telling him what she feels, she just told him things like ‘whatever’.

Now, allow me to be frank, but it’s probably time for you to man up and show your dad that you’re also vulnerable despite the fact that you’re an adult now.

After all, you’ll always be his little girl. Keep that in mind.

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Everyone Deserves to Love and Be Loved

Yes, everyone. Including your dad.

Just like you, it took a long time for him to cope with the loss of his wife. But then again, the dead will always be dead. He’s alive and well, and he needs to move on. And what’s life if not to love?!

I mean, who knows that maybe dating sites in Staffordshire could mean the world to your dad someday in his older days?

After all, it’s always your choice to look at things in a positive way or otherwise. And why choose negative when you can be positive?! You’re on your own, stay well and cheerio! 😀


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