What You Need to Consider Before Planning Out Next Year’s Vacation

The end of the year is approaching and so many of us start to consider how we are going to spend the following year ahead.

We have resolutions to make and focus on, goals to achieve, but there are also the straightforward planning options like where we might go on holiday, what sort of time off are you going to take from your job, etc.

However, the type of vacation you take could be food for thought at this time of the year, especially with the holiday season's coming up.

There is nothing quite like taking a few moments to start planning your trips abroad, from deciding where and what you might do right down to exactly what you want to pack or how much money you might need when you get there.

So in this post, I want to share with you a few suggestions to help you make a decision on your travel next year. From the type of holiday to a few suggestions of places you might want to go. I hope it offers you the inspiration you need to help plan your next year's vacation! 🙂

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The Type of Vacation You Want to Take

Nowadays, especially with the easy way to travel and so many platforms that could help you arrange the trip on your own, there are plenty of holiday types you could choose, based on your likings. From doing some adventurous stuff to test your adrenaline to even go on a holiday while doing some voluntary works in your destinations.

So, which type of vacation that suits you the most?! Here are the options!

Something Adventurous

Maybe you like the idea of something adventurous this year. Perhaps roughing it a little, or sleeping under the stars. Talking around a campfire and BBQing the food, then a camping holiday could be for you.

You could go as close to nature as you like or try a more glamorous version where there is some electrical hookups and hot showers available.

Something Fun and Thrilling

A perfect holiday for you could involve something much more than lounging on a sunbed. It might mean getting the adrenaline pumped and taking on some more thrilling activities.

This could be water sports, hiking or taking on safaris in big off-roaders. There is so much of the world to see, that often do it this way is not only exciting but enables you to see the destination from a completely different aspect.

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Something Luxurious

Maybe you like the idea of something luxurious, perhaps romantic meals, luxurious lifestyle, designer shops and designer bars servicing signature cocktails and fabulous entertainment.

Most of which can be offered in resorts and some can even be specific to adults only. They can be a great way to spend your vacation time.

Something That Is Once in a Lifetime

Maybe you want to use your time away this year to do something a little different.

Referring to your mental bucket list of some of the destinations you want to see and experience in your lifetime could be the ideal place for some inspiration.

Swimming with sharks or snorkeling in the great barrier reef, walking to the Great Wall of China, or heading out on a USA road trip. Whatever it is, use your time to see somewhere different this year.

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Something Foodie-related

If food is your thing, then look no further than traveling to some of the destinations famous for their cuisines.

Italian food is best served in some of the finer cities in Italy. Chinese or Indian food will always taste that much more authentic in the country of origin.

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy, and a great place to start would be to look at some of the locations where the best and unique restaurants are situated.

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Something for Charity

Perhaps you want to do something good this year.

Focusing on charity is a great way to take some time out and put things into perspective. Many charity organizations have planned expeditions that you can get involved in and help raise some vital funds in the process.

What About Some Suggestion for the Destination?

As promised, I did say that I would suggest a few places and I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate some of these types of holidays to help you with your planning. Whether it is luxury, good weather or the chance for some excitement, these places below are bound to do that for you.

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First off, I wanted to suggest a country which is massively growing in popularity. It has the beaches, it has the fabulous vibe of Istanbul, and it certainly has much to offer.

Whether you want luxury in fabulous hotels or you want to explore, Turkey could be the destination for it.

Perhaps taking advantage of some of the private guided tours of Turkey could enable you to really get to know this country and see it in all of its glory. It is one for the bucket list, and while so many choose Spain or France, Turkey is underestimated and it will certainly have you happy with your choice.

Trust me, I used to live there and there's so much more to offer. I mean, in case you don't know, the strait of Bosphorus in Istanbul divides Asia and Europe that makes it the only city located in 2 continents in the world. For anyone who fancies the idea of being in 2 places at the same time, Istanbul is where to go! 🙂


Australia is bound to be on so many bucket lists all over the world, and if it happens to be on yours, then maybe now is the time to tick it off the list once and for all.

There is so much to see and do in this vast country. Enjoying the fabulous cities such as Melbourne or Sydney, or heading to some of the other locations and doing something incredible like swimming in the Great Barrier Reef.

There is much more to mention here, but if its a place you want to go I am positive you have your hit lists already and waiting.

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Visiting some of the popular states in the USA

Maybe you want to visit the USA.

With fifty states, there are many locations you might want to see. But keeping in mind some of the types of holiday you may want to take, places like Miami in Florida, Lake Tahoe in California and New York could all be worthwhile destinations.

The UK

Finally, maybe you want a holiday with a difference. The look no further than taking a trip to the UK.

London, the capital city, has so much to offer and just a visit to Buckingham Palace will possibly make your trip all the more special.

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The UK is rich with beautiful scenery, rugged coastline, and fabulous cities. It may be small, but it is mighty in terms of a being a holiday destination.

I hope this has given you something to think about when it comes to next years vacation. Tell me what's your plan for next year in the comment section, and cheerio! 😀 

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