What To Expect on Online Dating Sites Before You Finally Find ‘The One’

So, in case you don’t know, I’m currently dating someone. Despite the fact that I’m not sure whether he’s ‘the one’ or whatever you call it when it comes to your better half or whatever, I’m in the mood to write the good ol’ time playing on the dating games. 😛

First of all, I’ve met my boyfriend through an online dating site. It happened so fast, just a few days after I decided to cut off the talk with someone with whom I had a situationship for a few months. But long story short, we agree to give the relationship a try. To see if we could handle each other, leading to something more serious like marriage in the future.

I know, it sounds freaking terrifying, but then again… I think I’ve had enough to play around on the dating games. I’m tired of it, especially now that I think I’ve seen enough from online dating sites.

To be honest with you, it’s insanely difficult to find ‘the one’ through online dating sites. It’s like either you enjoy the journey, or choose the conventional way to date. And guess what? I was the first before finally trying to take an effort dating my current boyfriend now.

And here, I want to share with you what to expect on online dating sites as it’s really not as romantic as you think it is. Well, obviously.

What To Expect on Online Dating Sites Before You Finally Find 'The One' - The BeauTraveler

Online Dating Site is Pretty Much Like a Lottery

Like, it’s rare to find someone who you’re actually compatible with you pronto. Well, it’s possible but then the probability is like one to a million. Very rare, it’s almost magical.

And as much as I wish I could be the person telling you that I was one of the luckiest one, I’m not exactly that. Before I met Chua, my current boyfriend, I had encountered so many guys in different types. While I’m not exactly entitled to call each one of them assholes, they’re not exactly my favorite people in the world.

So, maybe you’re like me several years ago. Joining online dating sites in a hope that you could find ‘the one’ for you, but you’re kinda frustrated with the fact that none of them seem to be suitable for you.

What are you gonna expect on online dating sites?

What’s to Expect on Online Dating Sites

You know what? There’s a key to have a good time while playing dating games: no expectations.

Here’s a message for Manchester United fans this season, but it’s also so relevant for those trying to hope on online dating games.

Expectation is what leads to disappointment, so when you can… Expect less of the online dating scene you’re on.

1. A Lot of Hookups

It’s expected indeed, everybody knows that. That’s why I mentioned earlier that you could either jump in and enjoy the adventure, or choose to get in a conventional way to meet people organically.

Before I get a backlash for that statement, of course not everyone on online dating sites is solely there for a hookup. But 69% of them indeed are. Mmm, see what I’m doing with the number? 😛

And honestly, you can never get into the online dating games if you’re not open-minded. Otherwise, you might get shocked with what you find. From a casual one night stand, to even some random men in his 30s exploring his sexuality and trying to get some bdsm contacts on his phone.

And nope, most of the time it’s not the kind of BDSM that makes you feel like in 50 Shades of Grey. More often than not, they’re just trying to get some good fun. For free. That kind of thing might be shocking for you if you’re conservative in terms of life in general.

Source: Pexels.

2. Blatant Marriage Proposal(s)

So yes, in case you don’t know… Apart from those people who are looking exclusively for hookups through online dating sites, there are also people who seem to get too desperate to find ‘the one’ themselves that they would propose you in the very first message.

It really depends on you to see this situation. If you’re also that desperate and you find the person hot, you might get flattered and things might work at some point. Congrats to you, then you’re probably the one in a million!

However, more often than note, this kind of marriage proposal comes across as ‘creepy’. Also, be aware of the fact that scammers are everywhere. Not to mention that online dating sites seem to be one of their favorite platforms to play as a predator.

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3. Some Prostitutes Trying to Make the Ends Met

It is quite common in Indonesia. They make a profile on lots of online dating site, and once you’re matched with them then bam… They give you a price list.

While I rarely encounter this, my cousin often matches with them. While you are obligated to choose what’s best for you, in a way that you could hire them when you’re in the mood, always make sure to play it safe. You don’t want to harm your body in the future, don’t risk it now.

Maybe some of you are actually in a committed relationship, and you’re trying to refresh your sex life so it could feel more alive. Well, you can always head over to mybdsmhookups.com to find a match.

4. People Who Are Not As Interesting As They Are Online

If anything, I gotta admit that my current boyfriend actually falls into this category. Like, damn… He’s so damn boring, and so different in terms of almost everything. After our first date, I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to see him again because he was THAT boring.

But hey, the decision is yours to see what’s best for you!

As for me, I tried to give him a second chance as I’m kind like that. You know what happened next? I’ve actually seen the mature side of him, that I don’t think I have. I feel like if I want to grow as a person, I have a lot of things to learn from him. And I’m just glad that I gave him a second chance, and so did he to me.

Source: Pexels.

5. Nude Hunters

I know it’s super annoying, but then again… Use your brain whenever you encounter this kind of people. Don’t give away nudes to people that you barely even know. 

And even you’re too horny to use your brain, always try to think about the risks that would probably arise if you happen to send them your nude pics. Ain’t it pretty?

Do You Still Believe that Online Dating Sites Are Effective to Find ‘The One’?

The answer is yours to find out. I, for so long, thought that online dating sites are really a place to get some fun and leave. I never really thought that I’d meet someone that I could eventually trust through it, but hey… I’m dating him now.

So, yes… Despite all the expectations that might not be always good, it’s still worth a try. What’s your story? 🙂 

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