3 Things That I Hate About Watching Football During FIFA World Cup (As A Woman)

For those who know me since 20 years ago, I think they know there’s no question that they know how I am a die-hard football fan.

I spent most of my adolescence watching football on TV. My mom even bought me a TV just because she couldn’t take it anymore when I often grumbled in the middle of the night, thanks to the time difference between Indonesia and some random country in Europe.

No kidding, back in the day, I literally watched every match from a big match like Brazil vs Germany to some teams that barely matter to anybody like Empoli vs Piacenza.

Nowadays, as I’m getting older, on regular days I’ve got more things to do so I stopped watching football on TV. Except for my favorite teams like Arsenal or Croatian National Football Team.

But then during FIFA World Cup season like right now, I’m back to my little ol’ me who would scream at the referee and complain about this and that just because I’m not satisfied.

3 Things That I Hate About Watching Football During FIFA World Cup (As A Woman) - The BeauTraveler

But then again, just like almost everything in life, being a woman takes a little more effort for me to be taken seriously. And that includes watching football during the World Cup season.

The Struggle of Being A Football Fan As A Woman

I think prior to the World Cup, you’ve seen some anecdotes about the big struggle of some boyfriends who wants to take over TV remote just to watch some random match on the World Cup from Egypt vs Saudi Arabia to some big match like Portugal vs Spain.

It’s probably funny when your girl literally knows nothing about football. Maybe funny for those girls who have no idea what offside is as well. But then sometimes, as a lady who sacrificed my sleeping time for UEFA’s Champions League during junior high school, sometimes I get offended.

Like, those guys who make fun of women not understanding football might have no idea how rubbish Manchester City was back in the day when they didn’t have Arab money, even though they had a goalkeeper who was once European champion and won the treble with the better other team in Manchester.

Source: Pexels

I could brag so many things about football knowledge that I have, but then I just hope if any of you come across this post and you have no idea how many women out there actually play football decently, please watch some random video of Mia Hamm on Youtube or check some great saves from Hope Solo.

If you think they don’t matter because they have no idea who they are, go to Ronaldo de Lima’s Wikipedia, maybe find something about his ex-wife Milene Domingues as he could juggle balls more than you ever did in entire life. So yes, women who genuinely love football do exist.

1. It’s 2018 Yet People Still Get Sexist Everytime!

This is the response that I got from some random guy on some football meme that I commented on when I tried to be funny, trolling England National Football Team who surprisingly plays well in this World Cup.

The only good thing about it is that the fact that I’m an expert of talking back. So when he asked me that, I told him that I’m actually in the kitchen making sandwich, because I need to prepare meals for England’s homecoming party whatever.

I mean, jeez… They’re lucky that I’m not a hardcore feminist who would present some data and analytics just to prove some points.

2. Some People Think that I Only Do It for The Players.

Yes, I gotta admit that some players are the apple of my eyes… I mean, seriously, hello Mario Gomez! 😉

But then I’m not here watching TV in the middle of the night just t watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s abs. I mean, if there’s anything, I don’t even find him hot, to begin with. I knew him ever since he played for Sporting Lisbon. Did you know back then?

Despite the fact that he’s always been a great player, but I never found him hot. Not even now when he’s got the money. I mean, did you see him during Sporting Lisbon time? To call him ugly is underrated. *lol*

Source: Unsplash

The only way I could straighten things up is when they asked me what team that I support. I always try to elaborate the reason why I’ve supported Croatia or Arsenal so they could shut up.

No kidding, some people find it incredible that I know so much. Sure, some other will label me as a smartass. But then again I AM actually smart, and I also have a nice ass. 😉

3. They Think It’s Required For Them To Explain the Rules of Football to Me.

Like, I know you can’t judge things by how people look, but I think my rolling eyes explain much about how I genuinely know what offside is. Back when I started to put some interest in the sport, I actually had the whole dictionary about it.

Sure, the VAR thingy that made every game’s injury-time even longer than back in my golden days, but I know what offside is.

Source: Unsplash

In fact, if there’s anything that I would consider as a bonding time with my Dad, it’s gonna be football season. During FIFA World Cup or Euro is usually the time when we actually football together, talking about stuff. Why? Because other times, we barely even have anything to talk about.

That’s how much football means to me, and I’ve watched it for freaking 20 years so please don’t bother explaining what corner kick is to my face. I mean, sure you could, but I definitely would laugh at you in such a condescending way.

Women and Football

From some equality to #MeToo campaign, I think it’s fair to say that it’s not exactly easy to be a woman. I know it too well, because I’m a stubborn lady myself who would dare to question anyone’s credibility when I think they do something in a way that I’m not pleased.

Football in some countries, including in Indonesia, practically only belongs to men because our women’s football is buried somewhere in a way most people couldn’t see their existence.

I mean, while in most the countries women’s football has been treated as a third class kind of sport, in the United States, soccer is probably the one that is quite popular among women, thanks to American Football being the #1 sport for men.

It’s hard to get out of the label and stigma, but then again we’ve still got so much to do to reach the equality between the two, eh?!

So, how popular is football for women in the country? Can you name at least one woman football player in your national team? 🙂 

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