What Do You Need to Know About Visiting Fraser Island?

From the pictures and videos, it looks like one of the most idyllic destinations on the planet, and few travelers who have ventured to Fraser Island would disagree. For one small island located off the coast of Queensland, this place has an awful lot to offer.

At just 120 kilometers long, 24 kilometers wide, it's quite compact, although it is actually the largest sand island in the world and is UNESCO listed.

Traveling from Brisbane, it's quite easy to reach and can offer a world away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Australian coast. You will need to arrange a permit to visit the island and ticket over on the ferry, but then you're all set to discover the most beautiful location and all it has to offer. It's very worth adding Fraser Island to your itinerary if you're touring a few Aussie states or even as a stop off on the way to or from South East Asia.

What Do You Need to Know About Visiting Fraser Island? - The BeauTraveler

How to Get Around

When getting around Fraser Island, there's only one form of transport to take – a four-wheel drive. That is because the entire place is a sand bar, so any other vehicle would get stuck, and most of the roads are little more than trails.

However, there are plenty of places to hire a 4WD in Fraser Island if you want to go solo, or plenty of organized tours if you prefer a guided experience.

Rental companies are usually able to provide all the necessary permits via the Queensland National Parks Office, which makes the whole process a lot simpler, and can also help you to book a campsite if you want to stay overnight.

Source: Pxhere.

What to Take With You

Most basic supplies can be procured on the island, from one of the supply shops along the East Coast and around Eurong.

However, there are a few things you will want to bring with you, such as medical supplies – there is no doctor service on the island – a water supply for drinking and perhaps washing, and some change for the coin-operated showers at the campsites.

Extra fuel is also a good idea as you may use more than you think in the slow process of driving across Fraser’s sands. If you’re camping, you will also need a cooking stove, as most campsites do not permit open fires. Don't forget to bring your own beach tent for a better experience!

Source: Pxhere.

Safety on the Island

Fraser Island is home to a population of wild dingoes, and while these are good fun to spot, you want to take precautions. They generally stay away from human contact, but there have been incidents where tourists have been hurt in the past.

Keep safe by securing all food items away – you can also be fined for feeding the dingoes. Clean up straight after eating and dispose of all items and your washing up water. If you do come across a dingo, do not run.

Stand firm with your arms folded and slowly back away. With a little bit of good sense, you’ll be fine and can enjoy this wonderful island paradise in harmony with nature. 

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