Where to Go on Your 2022 Vacation Based on Your Personality

Where to Go on Your 2022 Vacation Based on Your Personality

Now that travel restrictions are finally starting to drop, people are gathering their travel brochures. But travel brochures don’t know what you like. What makes you tick and what you want to get out of a vacation. Instead, they just offer you an all-rounder of an area. We’re looking to get specific.

Like a dating app, we’re about to match you with your ultimate vacation experience, based on what you’re looking for in a holiday. Take a look at our top picks!

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The Culture Vulture

Japan is famously a country of various climates. Beyond the cities, you can come into winter, spring summer, and fall just by traveling down the country in the one day.

And then, within the cities, is a massive hive of various cultures intermingling. It’s something that you could only experience by exploring for yourself. Wander around Tokyo for example, you’ll see the rich history of its culture, intermixed with an ultra-modern landscape that feels like something from Blade Runner.

Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto, Japan.
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Venture outside of the city and you can take in an amazing nature that informs so much of their lifestyle, from rolling snow-capped mountains to cherry blossom trees and sandy beaches. Take in the traditional and grand temples and the sweeping views on a train ride through the country, then head back to Tokyo for some street food and neon.

The Fashionista

Where else but Paris would be appropriate for the fashionista? The cobbled streets are lined with boutiques and designer stores. Head to Le Marais for a thrift shopping experience like no other. Get up close and personal with Coco Chanel at her personal office space on Rue Cambon: part boutique, part museum.

Within the walls of the Louvre, is the Musée de la Mode et du Textile, which showcases some of the most influential fashions through French history, going back as far as the 7th century and hosting works from Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and more.

The palace of Versailles in Paris, France.
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If you plan it right, you could end up in Paris right as Fashion Week is kicking off and see for yourself the latest fashions walking the streets of Paris on the shoulders of everyone from designers to stylists to models.

France has a lot to offer though. Venture out of Paris and you can take in the finer things in life amongst the vineyards or even head to Isere for a skiing trip. Find out more about the skiing region and its temperatures on the site Piste Pro here.

The History Buff

There are a lot of hotspots you can head to if you are a history fan, from Berlin for a dose of modern history, to Egypt for a history lesson that pre-dates Jesus Christ, but for something a little closer to home, literally and figuratively, you should head to Rome.

The influence of the Roman Empire is felt all over Europe and the wider western world. When you are wandering around Rome, taking in the ruins that litter the city, you will spot symbols and ideologies that are still used today, such as the Rod of Asclepius, which is still used today as a symbol of medicine, or Britannia, the personification of Britain who borrows a lot of symbolism from Roman gods and appeared on Roman coins.

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.
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You can’t go down a street in Rome without passing a ruin, a museum, or a church, offering different variations of historical relevance.

Witness La Pieta for yourself in Vatican City, or head inside for a look at the works of Michelangelo. Stand inside the Colosseum and ask the crowd if they are not entertained or take in the various sculptures of Olympic athletes of the past in the museums or wander the sculptures of gods across the city that make it an open art gallery and walking history lesson in one city.

And if you’re feeling more adventurous to travel beyond Rome in Italy, visiting other cities is also quite easy. You can either take the inter-city bus or train, the one-way journey shouldn’t take more than 3 hours.

On top of the capital city, you can also stop by more historical spots in entire country if you have some spare time during your trip to Italy. From the historic tram in Milan, enjoying the view of Superga Basilica in Turin, to visiting the Royal Palace of Naples!

So among the three travelers’ personality, which one is most suitable for you?! Share in the comment below, and cheerio! 😉

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