Two Uniqorns Who Travel: Traveling With Pride Through LGBTQ!

Hello, beautravelers! 😀

I hope you’re not bored of my weekly feature on The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. Now that you’ve probably read some stories about those who like traveling in a group, as well as solo travelers and couple travelers.

But there’s something that I am still yet to talk about, and something I am going to talk about in this post: couple travelers from LGBTQ community.

That’s why, I was so excited that I found their blog by chance! 😀

I was initially contacting Michaela, one of the two traveling uniqorns to ask whether they would be interested to get featured on The Wander Lover Series. Lucky for me, because she’s up for it! 😀

 Behind The Uniqorn

Although I mainly did the correspondence with Michaela, Uniqorns is pretty much like a pair of shoes: one just can’t go without another. Well, it can. But it’s incomplete. 😉

Uniqorns was founded by a lesbian couple who not only love unicorns but also traveling: Michaela and Candy.

travuniqorn2 (3)
Candy and Michaela in the Pride Parade, Zurich, Switzerland.

They’ve been together for 4 years, since 2013 to be exact and they have found Uniqorns not only to focus on traveling, but also to focus on LGBTQ trips. They regularly check forums and blogs because whenever they travel, they want to spend some time to visit the hippest LGBTQ spots.

However, despite so many information they could get, there aren’t many traveling blogs focusing on LGBTQ community so that’s where they want to fill the gap: they want to inform you not only good places or good restaurants as well as events to go, but also those that are friendly for LGBTQ community.

In fact, this is the main reason why I contacted Michaela for a start. Although it’s 2017 and things have changed with more people being more open-minded when it comes to LGBTQ issues, there are still a lot of people out there who will shamelessly discriminate this community.

Long story short, Michaela and Candy decided to start their blog and name it Uniqorn. Why Uniqorn? Because it is more innovative than the generic unicorn. Apart from that, it can also be associated with the word “unique”.

I mean, of course Uniqorn is a good name to start with. Unicorn itself is associated with rainbow and colors, which is the symbol of LGBTQ community. And this one will do, as there are not many blogs on the internet that focus on both travel and LGBTQ issues like this one does. 😀

Uniqorn, LGBTQ-focused blog written by females!

Apart from their mission to cover LGBTQ-friendly traveling spots, the first reason why they started out their blog is pretty much the same like the rest of us travel bloggers: friends and family members are always curious about their adventures and experiences and just like me, they’re probably too lazy to talk about it verbally so they may as well just give the link so they can just visit their blog and increase the traffic. 😛

That, while they rarely find any LGBTQ-focused travel blog written by female. You know what they say, if you can’t find any, then be one. So that’s what they do! 😀

Despite being a lesbian couple themselves, LGBTQ travel is also a huge niche market and it is very important for LGBTQ travelers to rely on proper information based on LGBTQ friendliness and safety. For this, what’s more reliable than the firsthand experience?!

Worry and Challenge of Being The Traveling Uniqorns

We all have some kind of worry whenever we plan to travel somewhere for the first time.

For me personally, as I often travel solo, the biggest challenge for me is probably the fact that I have to rely on myself only for the money that I spend during my travel.

According to Michaela though, the first thing they need to check out before they plan to visit a new city or a country, it is the LGBTQ friendliness. It takes a mix between respecting the country but also respecting themselves and be proud of who they are.

Based on their experience, most people, especially us the mighty millennials are pretty open nowadays.

travuniqorn2 (4)
Candy and Michaela, apres ski in Hintertux, Tyrol.

One word that sums up what travel means to Michaela: FREEDOM

Where They Have Been and Recommended: From the Magnificent Portugal to the Cultured Luxembourg 

They have been well-traveled through Europe, as well as experienced the first culture shock in China since it was the first country in Asia that they have visited.

But when asked about the most memorable traveling experience, despite there are so many they mentioned that they were on the way to Ericeira for their surfing lesson in Portugal when they stopped to take pictures as they got a wonderful view over the whole bay.

They said, I quote, it was early morning and the sun just rised. They felt like lovebirds and it felt like the world has stopped for a second.

Besides Portugal, they would also recommend people to visit Luxembourg as it is a very small country in Europe but it’s so beautiful and full of culture. According to them, the multicultural of the country is amazing that they have 3 official languages for only 600.000 population! 😀

While answering my questions, Michaela and Candy were on their way to Austria as they were planning on staying on week in Hintertux for ski and snowboard. Once finished, they sent me this.

travuniqorn2 (5)
Skiing area, Hintertux.

It’s so beautiful, I want to cry. I mean, I’ve never seen snow with my own eyes except for on the TV. Maybe one day. One day. :/

What’s Next For The Traveling Uniqorns?

They are currently working full-time to fund all their occasional trips. However, while doing that, they are also planning the grand trip on their own: the world tour in 2019.

They said that they’ve got so many destinations on their bucket list and can’t wait to share their schedule with you in 2018 on their blog. 🙂

The Uniqorn is Also in German!

The first time I landed on their blog, it was probably through one of the blogger groups that we are the members of. I checked out their blog, and their landing page was in German.

Ubrigenz, ich habe ZD gemacht. But just like almost everyone except the Germans, I simply don’t get the language. And for those who don’t speak German, I was saying that I had my own Zertifikat Deutsch (a certificate for German as foreign language).

Sure, I got befriedigend (satisfying!) as my result of ZD but then it wasn’t enough for me to satisfy anyone who speaks German to actually communicate. I’m such a bump, I only know that Deutsch ist sehr schlecht. *sigh 😛

Lucky that there’s a language option on the blog despite the blog description written in German. So, like a normal person who just gives up the first glance, I set the blog on English to actually understand the whole content and I’m glad that it gave me what I wanted.

As they mentioned beforehand, currently they focus on Europe destinations along with a number of countries outside the continent as they have also visited China, the United States and South Africa. And they’ve got all posts on those destinations in English as well. 😀

travuniqorn2 (2)
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

Since they recommend Luxembourg as a place to visit, I checked out their blog post on this country and they’ve got this one post about a burger place with the LGBTQ conclusion that actually made me laugh: although they had a burger called Trump burger on the menu, this is actually one of the most open-minded places in Luxembourg. *lol*

And let’s focus on the fact that they also mentioned Portugal as one of their most memorable experience. What is it with Portugal? Like so many people recommend it. First Brokelings, now The Traveling Uniqorns. I’m intrigued to go to Portugal and marry some imitation of Helder Postiga.

The BeauTraveler on The Uniqorn

Ok, back to The Traveling Uniqorns. I think they’re consistent with their mission to encourage LGBTQ community to travel through their valuable tips and posts on destinations. Because all the blog posts published on their blog, they would put the LGBTQ conclusion to emphasize by the end of the content.

That would be very helpful for those of you who are in the community and planning to travel but worrying about the challenge to reveal who you are in the destination. 😀

Meanwhile, I should thank Michaela as without her, it wouldn’t be possible to write about their blog here. 😀

travuniqorn2 (1)
Candy in the Pride Parade, Zurich, Switzerland.

Are you in LGBTQ community? Or are you interested to know more about the life of travel for these two uniqorns? Don’t forget to check out their blog here.

Okay, that’s a wrap for now. See you next week for another wander lover and cheerio! 😀

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19 thoughts on “Two Uniqorns Who Travel: Traveling With Pride Through LGBTQ!”

  1. While I can imagine that travelling e. g. some Arabic or even African countries as a gay couple might be a bit of a drag – or maybe even dangerous – I don’t see what differs from hetero couples when travelling Europe!? Even after having read the post, I don’t see the impact of sexual preferences on travelling.

  2. Such a great idea to feature fellow travelers every week. I do feel like the travel blogging world is becoming more diverse and that is a very good thing. Looking forward to reading more!

    1. yes, exactly.. so far i’ve covered a number of travel blogs and bloggers and believe me, they’ve got so many stories on their own that are simply different from one and another. it has expanded my exposure when it comes to travel blogging and it’s a good thing! 🙂

  3. It is quite risky to be traveling as LGBTQ in UAE, as the rules here do not encourage gays and Lesbians.
    Cheers to the Uniqorns for their future endeavors.
    Lots of love

  4. I loved reading this article. Not sure if there are which countries do not allow LGBT community entrance as travelers but none the less, it is great to see them fulfilling there traveling dreams . Well written.

    1. since they have been traveling around europe and america, i suppose they haven’t been affected to the real challenge of being LGBTQ couple as the countries visited have been quite open and friendly for the community. however, in a couple of years, they’re planning to have a world tour. it’s interesting to wait what’s next for them and hopefully we can only hear good news afterwards even in the most difficult country they are visiting. 🙂

  5. I love the fact that you do a weekly feature on other travel bloggers, it is a great idea. My best friend is gay and we go away we go to a straight club and then to a gay club. I know that travelling 14years that he has struggled at times to find LGBTQ friendly places. I love how they are described ‘Uniqorns is pretty much like a pair of shoes: one just can’t go without another’. I wish the girls the best of luck on their world tour in 2019.

    1. now that you’ve mentioned it, i’ve never been to any gay club myself. now i want to see it for myself, i’m not really into clubbing but i always take some time to do it whenever i travel. so i’ll see if i can find any gay club that i’ll visit on my next trip. thanks for giving me somewhat an epiphany! 😛

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