Top 3 Destinations in the Indian Ocean for Adventurous Vacations

If you're thinking what a giant slice of paradise on earth means, the coasts of Indian Ocean could perfectly fall under that glorious description.

You'd easily get swept into a daydream of you booking flights to Mauritius, Maldives or Seychelles, spending a week or so to live an idyllic life, lounging by the powdery white sand beaches, exploring wildlife or indulging in sumptuous local cuisine from breakfast to dinner.

Imagining the adventure itself can make your heart skip a beat and booking your flights for the first time will make you giggly. Experiencing it firsthand feels like falling in love for the first time. And when you do, you fall hard.

We know you're too excited for that, so we've rounded up options you can consider as you plan your Indian Ocean itinerary. You may read this useful article as well.


Endless snorkeling, diving and swimming with the dolphins is probably the first thing to imagine about Mauritius. And that's definitely exciting.

Exploring marine life is always a fascinating idea. But wait, there's more… Mauritius is also home to lush forests and mountains where one can go trekking first thing in the morning to watch rare species of wild birds. And, be ready to take a plunge as you come across several waterfalls on your way up!

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If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can go on a safari tour and walk with the lions.

Yup, you read that right… It's a close encounter with the king of the jungle. You can walk with them and even pet them. No wonder, the feeling is surreal though you might freeze in fear or get excited and anxious at the same time.

The lions are tamed, so no worries… There are also expert guides to help you out so be sure to follow their instructions for your own safety.

Travelers who feel like their home belongs to the ocean can get exhilarated with endless watersports including parasailing. For families and friends, banana boat ride is surely one to include on the list—a warmup for more adrenaline-inducing watersports throughout the day. Visit the site Mauritius Discovery Tours to see more activity options you can try on your next vacation.


Even though there's a generous number of luxurious hotels and villas in Seychelles, the beaches, tropical rainforests and stunning landscapes still exude that castaway vibe. That's definitely a notable contrast.

But if the idea of luxurious accommodations intimidates you, thinking that it would create a serious dent in your wallet, don't worry as you'll also find budget-friendly options around!

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Hearty feasts would always satisfy your big appetite. Seafood is abundant and fresh. You'll surely drool over those delectable seafood dishes! So, be ready to gain pounds within a week of your holidays.

Because Seychelles is an archipelago which is comprised of 115 islands, there are many attractions and activities to choose from.

Of course, snorkeling is still one of the best features. But if you're not that swimmer, you can go on o helicopter sightseeing tour or learn horseback-riding. For the gents, there are several golf clubs around Seychelles where you can chill on lazy afternoons. Check out more related information here:


Should we not include Maldives on the list? Of course, it's never complete without Maldives!

If you dream of waking up next to the ocean, your wish comes true in this stunning island. The place is just perfect. We can say that it's another generous slice of paradise on earth with its crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand beaches. The look and feel of the island exude romance. Thus, it's a frequent honeymoon destination.

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Just be careful when you go swimming as there are incidents of powerful undertows. Well, if it's just a chill swim near the shore, it's perfectly fine. But snorkeling should be done with extra caution even if you are an expert swimmer. Just like what beach signboards say: “When in doubt, don't go out.”

Sure, these aren't the only destinations you can explore in the Indian Ocean. Part of its coasts are countries from Africa, Asia, and Australia. So, why not come up with a travel bucket list you can check off one after another? Ready? Let’s go!

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