what you could get in tokyo for $10

What You Could Get in Tokyo for $10 – 8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Explore the Capital City of Japan

After covering Nagoya just a few weeks ago, today we’re going back to Japan and heading to the capital city to talk about how we can splurge on $10 in Tokyo! 

A few years ago, I already covered Tokyo on the same feature with a different perspective. So if you’re looking for another way to travel around Tokyo on the budget, stay on this page and read through it since Christian from Avid Travelers will talk about more ways to spend in the capital city without breaking your wallet! 

So, what could you get in Tokyo for $10? 

8 Places You Can Visit for Less than $10

It will be tough to travel on a budget in one of the most expensive cities in the world like Tokyo, but it’s not impossible to find some budget-friendly activities to do around the city.

Even when you just stroll around the city, chances are you will find something unique to see around the capital from some bizarre vending machine, delicious street food, or even just a nice city light.

In this post, we will cover eight spots not to miss when you get a chance to visit Tokyo, especially if budget is your concern.

Tokyo, Japan.

Did you know?

Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park outside the United States. After the first Disneyland was established in Anaheim, California followed by Orlando, Tokyo Disneyland was opened in Urayasu, a district near Tokyo on the 15th of April 1983.

Shibuya Crossing

It is said that this intersection in the middle of the city is the busiest after dark. You can join thousands of people coming from all directions entering the crossing at once. This is something you can experience for free.

Hachiko Memorial Statue

Visit the Hachiko statue in Shibuya. It’s a must-see if you know the heart-warming story of this famous loyal dog from Tokyo. It’s completely free.

Unicorn Gundam

One of the most unique sights in Tokyo: a 19.7-meter-tall RX-O Unicorn Gundam model from wildly popular anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam. It even transforms between Unicorn mode and destroy mode every 2 hours starting at 11am until 5pm. Then in the evening, there is a light show between 7pm and 9:30pm.

Sensoji Temple, Asakusa

Tokyo’s oldest temple and its history goes back 1,400 years. It is thought that the Kaminari-mon (lightning gate), along with the long promenade along the Nakama river, and the temple itself are among the most popular tourist attractions in the city. No admission fee is charged.

Meiji Shrine

Why not enjoy the tranquil surroundings and quiet atmosphere on Tokyo’s busy city streets. Meiji Jingu stands in the middle of densely wooded surroundings not far from Harajuku Station. In Tokyo, it is one of the most important Shinto Shrines, and it hosts a lot of traditional Shinto weddings. You can walk into Meiji Shrine for free, but it costs USD4.57 (JPY500) to see the Treasure Hall and Gardens (Meiji Jingu).

Experience the Best View in the City

Once you are tired of the crowds and the exits, move directly west to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. This building features two observation decks on the 45th floor that are free to visitors. A clear day gives you a chance to see Mount Fuji, one of the most spectacular views in the city. You can always make your way here for a sunset or skyline view at night, since one of the observation decks is open daily from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

Sushi Hunting in Hama Sushi

Hama Sushi restaurant is the first one to hire a robot to act as their front of the house. When you enter the restaurant, the robot computer “Pepper” greets you warmly! You can get Sushi for a mere US$0.82 (JPY90) a plate from Monday to Friday, except for holidays and weekends.

Play Capsule Toy Machine in Akihabara Gachapon Kan

This Japanese coin toy, popularly known as gashapon, is a fun way to spend loose coins. They have around 500 capsule machines. The “Stretchy Mochi Manju”; and “Squishy Sushi” devices that are popular in the store and cost USD1.83 (JPY200) each allow customers to enjoy soft and squeezable items.

Contributor: Christian from Avid Voyagers

Christian Petzold is a successful touristic entrepreneur, experiential traveler, and round-the-world backpacker. He holds an academic degree in tourism management. His touristic expertise has been covered in radio, newspaper, and television.

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