5 Best Tips to Find the Perfect Bra for Your Daily Wear

I think everyone who has ever worn a bra agrees that no matter how we think we need bras, sometimes finding the perfect bra for daily wear can be pretty challenging. As someone with big boobs myself, I have a love-and-hate relationship with bras.

On the one hand, I love it when I wear a bra that supports my breasts in a way that makes me look nice while also being comfortable moving around. But on the other hand, finding a bra that works like that is super difficult!

So in this post, I'm going to write about some top tips I've done to find the perfect bra that is suitable for my daily wear. So, what are these tips? Check this out!

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1. Measure your bra size accordingly

Having worn bra for over 20 years, I think I've learned the common mistake whenever I felt uncomfortable wearing bra, and it all came down to the incorrect bra size.

Ideally, before buying a new bra, you need to try it and make sure that it fits your bust perfectly. And I think that's the reason why buying new bras directly at the store is the best way to get one that perfectly fits you. While at the store, you can try out different sizes to pick one that suits you best.

However, it doesn't mean that online shopping for bra is impossible because there are also some ways to measure the best bra size that fits you perfectly. All you need is a tape measure and pen to find your band and bust size.

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The tape measure will usually come in both centimeters and inches, and you can focus on the inches side to simplify the measurement for your bra size. There are two important things to measure to find the right bra size for you: the bra band size and the bust measurement. 

Here are some easy ways to measure the band size on the first step to find your best bra size. 

  • The bra band size is the measurement for your torso, where your bra will hold onto your body. Use the measuring tape and circle it under your bust where you think your bra can be steady and not too tight. 
  • Depending on the number you get from the first measurement, add four inches if you get an even number, or add five if your result is an odd number. For instance, mine is 34, so my band size would be 38. 

Next, it's time to measure the bust, or to simplify the process, this is where you find your bra cup size. Here's what you need to to find the cup size that fits for your best bra!

  • Wrap the tape measure loosely around your nipple area, and find the number for this. 
  • Subtract the number with the band size you previously measured. 
  • The difference in inches between this number and your band size is what determines which cup size yours is for the bra. In my case, I get 42 for my bust, so the difference is 5 inches. 

Once you get both measurements, you can refer to this chart to find the cup size for your bra:

The differences (bust size – band size):01234567

So, using this formula, mine would be 38 DD. You see how hell-ish my life is with that bra size? Back pain is inevitable at this point! 🙁

2. Choose the most suitable type of bra based on your activities

Once you get the perfect bra size, it's time to choose the perfect type based on your daily activities. There are so many types of bras in the market. From sports bra that is suitable for daily wear, to lace or strapless bra that is perfect to combine with the best outfit for your special occasions.

The good news is, HSIA bras is one-stop shop for a bra, no matter what type of bra you're looking for. Whether you want to get a super big-sized bra like I do, or you want some new lingeries to prepare you for a sexy night with your beloved one, you can have it all!

3. Wired or wireless bra?

Depending on the occasions, it's great to have both wired and wireless bras in your closet so you can wear them accordingly. The benefit of wearing a wired bra is that it will enhance your breast shape that it is perfect to wear whenever you have to wear some sexy outfit that allows you to show off your cleavage for a little bit!

Ironically, the worst thing about wired bra is actually the wire itself. I don't know how many times I was hurt by the wire under my bra when it's time to change it to a new one. 🙁

If you like to play it safe, non-wired bra is probably your best option, as wireless bra is usually more comfortable to wear, especially for your daily activities. It may not shape your breast perfectly as wired bra does, but it's definitely one way to go if you choose comfort over aesthetics every time!

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4. Strap or strapless bra?

Some people only have a strapless bra for when they need to occasionally wear it for when they wear a tank top or a strapless gown. What most people don't know is that strapless bra actually promotes a lot of benefits if you wear them on a daily basis.

If you have sensitive skin, a strapless bra can be your go-to as it can help you avoid rashes that your strap bra may cause. If you do and still choose a bra with the strap, you may also want to pay extra attention in the strap materials to minimize rashes or allergy for whenever you wear it.

Alternatively, you can also choose bras that come with removable straps so you can adjust them according to your liking whenever you need them!

5. It's okay to go braless once in a while

As supportive as bras can get, wearing a bra, especially when it's tight, could block the blood flow around your chest. Your blood circulation may not be stable if you wear bra 24/7. In that case, going braless once in a while can benefit your health as you allow your blood circulation to go back to normal and let your body breathe as it should.

I personally only wear a bra whenever I have to go out, so I almost always go braless when I'm home. I certainly don't wear bra when I go to sleep, and it's for a good reason!

So, those are the best tips that I can give to find the perfect bra for your daily wear. Do you have any favorite type of bra that you wear on a daily basis? Or do you have any favorite brand for daily bra? Share in the comment below, and cheerio!

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