This Year For Me So Far

Hello the beautravelers, hello December!

I’ve got this habit to write my personal goal for New Year’s resolution, as well as review for the on-going year some time before New Year’s Eve. So now that it’s December, I think it’s time for me to look back what has happened throughout 2017 to see how far that I’ve gone since last year.

Since I was still managing my personal blog last year on Tumblr, I wrote my 2017 New Year’s Resolution here. And the first thing to see on this post is my hopeless wish to get a date on February 17th for the sake of 17.02.2017.

Sadly, I didn’t have any date last February. But in exchange to that, I had a very nice birthday on that period. 😀


Actually, if you ask me how 2017 has been for me, I think this year is the most bittersweet year for me to note. I’ve experienced some ups and downs that I’m not even sure where I could start to describe this year.

Table of Content


I’ve listed some things that I thought necessary to do in 2016, and for this I think I should still agree with me last year.

Rekindling The Long Lost Friendship

Well, I think it’s only fair that my mission to rekindle the long lost friendship with some old friends of mine was checked this year. And all have happened during my birthday trip.

I wasn’t joking!

I only had the whole week for the trip to Hongkong, Macao and Bangkok, and I met at least 3 old friends of mine on the trip. Two from my time when I was in Turkey, and the other with my roommate when I was in Jeddah. 🙂

Abul and I at some restaurant in Khao San Road, Bangkok. Although we were both Indonesian, the chance for me to meet him is quite rare as he’s been traveling all the time. Be it for business or leisure. 🙂

In 2017, I’ve managed to travel to some new places and also to revisit some places that I’ve ever been before. As I mentioned before, I went to Hongkong, Macao and Bangkok for my birthday trip.

Recently, I also revisited Malaysia and Singapore with my brother. The first for him, the umpteenth for me but still worth my time to get there anyway. 🙂

Visiting Batu Caves, Malaysia for the second time.

I think that’s the perks of traveling.

When you visit a new place, it’s a good thing that now you’ve visited a place that you’ve never been before. But when you revisit a place that you’ve ever been, I can assure you that chances are you’ll get a different perspective compared to when you went there for the first time.

Deep Conversation with People

Well, earlier this year I had a deep conversation with my former boss when I came to her talking about the fact that I got kind of frustrated with my previous job. We had a really nice talk because despite everything, she supported me in so many ways. She’s got my support even when I decided to quit the job for the sake of my sanity.

I was so lucky for having such boss in my professional life. 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-14 at 18
Me and Ruby, my former boss in the previous company that has inspired me to do the best in my professional life.

I don’t have so many role models for my professional experience, but Ruby is definitely one of the few people that inspire me to do the best thing professionally.

In fact, I’ve experienced 2 totally different kind of leaders as I’ve encountered the worst leader in my next job that forced me to quit as soon as I finish my probation period.

From this, I’ve found out that there’s a big impact that a leader could make. One that could inspire others, and the other that could make others feel it’s better to die.

You think I’m joking. I am not. My last boss made me feel suicidal.

Doing Things That Make Me Happy

So earlier this year, I finally decided to choose my niche to create a new blog focusing on things that I love. Hence, this blog.

I’ve chosen beauty and travel niche because that’s what I love. I’ve learned that whatever you work on, everything will be easier when it’s actually your passion.

So I thought, what’s better than beauty and travel? I love traveling as much as I do make-up, so why not creating a blog with both topics?

I’ve got this blog since February with so many things learned along the way. I actually enjoy every part of it. Sure I haven’t earned much money from blogging, but I enjoy it.

I am aiming more ambitious goals in the future, but so far I think it’s enough just to enjoy the whole thing. 🙂


So I’ve got my own shortcomings like everyone, but then I have specified the things that I need to do less last year only to realize that change is hard. Let alone the change for the rest of the world, even the change for myself needs a lot of work that I simply failed in the process.

Getting Anxious And Frustrated Over Things

I mean, the worst period was the first semester of this year because that was when I felt so frustrated over a lot of things. Anxiety was real back then, because I woke up in the morning thinking I’d be better off dead.

I have passed that phase because in the end, I found the thing that made me feel that way: my job.

I decided to quit my job and started to run my own business. The business has been hard, but then instead I’ve found my passion: blogging and writing.

I’ve been quite productive with my blog here or even the Indonesian one. And I’ve got a freelance job with an e-commerce in Indonesia to help me pay some bills.

I’m now on the acupressure therapy for my Bell’s Palsy and things have got a whole lot better compared to earlier this year. I am content.

Hooking Up

I think from everything, sex has been quite hard to avoid simply because I need it once in awhile. It’s so hard to stop hooking up with people when it’s actually something to do with your biological needs.

Despite my resolution to hook up less, I’ve actually gained more hooking up partners this year. 🙁

I’m not complaining since I had a lot of fun with those guys. It’s just, sometimes I feel like I need something more than just their oral skill companionship. I need a feeling that is real, which I haven’t found in any of them.


Do I feel sorry for my decision to give in? Ummm, no. Not really. I mean, it’s the consent involved so I’m okay with that.

Like I said, 2017 has been a bittersweet year for me. The time when I got really depressed, decided to quit my job and although I’m broke right now, I feel like I’ve never been happy like this for a long time.

I mean, it’s great that it’s almost 2018 and I really hope next year things will get a whole lot better. But so far, this year for me has been quite great. 🙂

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  1. I love that you have done a recap of your resolutions and how you have accomplished them or they have turned out. Your honesty is so refreshing and don’t be too hard on yourself. You are doing amazing things and have to do what is right for you. xo

    1. hi katelyn, thanks a lot for dropping by..

      i love to recap my resolution to remind myself that i’ve made a progress for my life, no matter how small it is since life itself is so dynamic. 🙂

      and thanks a lot, and likewise i hope you keep doing amazing things for yourself too and stay beautiful! :*

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