4 Best Things to Do in New Orleans on a Budget

New Orleans in Louisiana offers everything that makes it worth traveling to, from the vibrant music scene that makes the city one of the city muses for writers to its unique architecture. The best part? It's pretty easy to explore New Orleans on a budget! 

This time we have Rachel from East to West RMS to share some of the best budget-friendly activities to do in New Orleans.

From the best place for breakfast to the scenic view for a drink, here are the best things to do in New Orleans on a budget!

Best Budget-Friendly Things to Do in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, Louisiana is one of the most budget-friendly cities in America.

From free parades during all of the festivals (go during festival season, either in February for Mardi Gras or in April for everything else) to extremely cheap eats, this is one of my favorite places to be when sticking to a budget.

$10 can get you SO much during a trip to New Orleans including food, culture, drinks and more.

Have beignets for breakfast

To start your day, head to Cafe Du Monde at the original location in the French Quarter across from Jackson Square for the famous beignets. You may have to wait in line – but it's worth it for the experience. A plate of beignets will only set you back $2 and will fill you enough for half the day.

The infamous beignet at Cafe Du Monde.

Stroll around Jackson Square

After breakfast, walk across the street to Jackson Square and walk around the famous square and marvel at the local artists' paintings and work that set up shop for the day around the perimeter of the square.

This is one of the most cultural and New Orleans things to do. For FREE!

Visit the French Quarter

Afterwards, walk a little further inwards in the French Quarter and find yourself on the famous Bourbon Street. Marvel at the dirty street (which hasn't been cleaned from the night before) and beads all over the streets, wires, and balconies.

Jackson Square, New Orleans.

Walk up and down the street looking into the different voodoo shops and more novelty stores. Walk into the famous Pat O'Briens bar for the experience, but don't get an overpriced tourist drink here.

Walk along the Mississippi River

At this point, you'll be ready for a drink. Instead of buying one at a bar, due to the New Orleans open cup law, go into a convenience store and buy an Abita beer (local New Orleans beer – my favorite flavors are Purple Haze or Strawberry) for $2.

Now that you'll have a beer in hand, make your way on foot towards the Mississippi River and walk along the river for a relaxing afternoon.

When you're ready for dinner, keep walking around and make your way to one of the many famous po boy shops (Johnnys, Killer, etc.) in the French Quarter to eat the famous NOLA sandwich customized to your choosing. These will cost you around $5-$6 and that will be your full $10 in a day in New Orleans!

Contributor: Rachel from East to West RMS

Rachel Shulman is in love with traveling and the planning that goes into it. She is always researching her next destination and lusting over new places. She has lived in 4 cities and traveled to 35+ countries. 

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