Exploring West Bengal: 3 Best Things to Do in Darjeeling, India

Situated on the foothills of the Himalaya, Darjeeling in West Bengal is a must-visit place in India. From the capital city of West Bengal in Kolkata, I recommend taking a short flight to one of the most popular vacation spots in the region. 

Darjeeling is probably best known for its tea, but the city has so much more to offer. There are plenty of affordable things to do in Darjeeling – making it a great budget-friendly destination in India. Compared to bigger cities like New Delhi or Mumbai, it's definitely a better place to go if you're a budget traveler.

It's also one of the best places to go if you want to enjoy nature, which makes it a great spot if you're looking for some digital detox destinations in India too!

This time, we have Somnath from Travel Crusade to share some things to see and do in Darjeeling, so you can make the most of your trip to Darjeeling without breaking the bank. Let's dive in!

Must-Visit in West Bengal: What to Do in Darjeeling, India

With its strategic location near the border with some neighboring countries in the Eastern Himalayas, Darjeeling offers some unique things to do compared to other Indian cities.

From trying the rich blend of Bengali, Tibetan, and Nepali taste in its local cuisine, to various fun things to do in the queen of hills in India, you can explore Darjeeling on a budget pretty easily! 

If you're planning a budget trip to Darjeeling, here's the highlight of what to do in Darjeeling, West Bengal in India!

1. Sightseeing around Darjeeling

If your accommodation is taken care of, you can do all the city sightseeing, which include visiting the rock gardens for a small entry fee of $1 USD. The fee includes permission to use your camera and other electrical gadgets.

You can easily book a day tour around Darjeeling, or join the Tiger Hill walking tour if you want to immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of this Himalayan town.

Other than that, you can also step into the Pashupati market and buy small souvenirs like the sleeping Buddha for $3 USD and you can definitely come back home with wonderful memories to last forever.

2. Buy some souvenirs

The sleeping Buddha that is available in the market can be purchased for a few cents if you want to buy them from the main city outlets in the market.

Sizes differ, and the smallest piece available would cost you around $3 USD. A perfect size that is portable and easy to carry. The sleeping Buddha is mostly purchased by travelers, especially those who come to pay a tribute to the region during different time frames of the year.

People also buy other souvenirs like woolen garments and different types of silk products that might be a bit more expensive. However, those products are usually locally manufactured in the corner of this country.

3. Get on the famous Darjeeling India Train

One can also enjoy the iconic Darjeeling train rides that are meant to go for a merry-go-round around the region with the locals and other tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of this exotic location.

These train rides operate from Darjeeling up til Sonada, one of the subdivisions in the city where people need to pay for around $2 USD to enjoy all the rides. If you join a full-day tour in Darjeeling, the train ride is usually included in the package as well. 

The rides operated by a steam train, and this will be an important highlight to be done in the region. It is because in India, it is rather rare to find a steam-powered train to travel around the country. Other than that, find more about Darjeeling here.

Contributor: Somnath from Travel Crusade

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