The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory.

Hello everyone!

As you probably know, I started this blog earlier this year and just like how I want to call this blog, this blog is a beautravel blog where it consists of three essential things in my life: beau-beauty-travel.

And I am trying to keep this blog updated just so that anyone who comes across to this blog will find something interesting if not useful around this corner.

For this, I would like to introduce you to our new weekly feature, The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. 

So, what is this?

Recently, I got an idea to collaborate with other bloggers just so I can keep producing more and more contents that my visitors will find valuable.

The idea was a little bit out of the blue as I saw this collaboration thread on one of the groups’ posts on Facebook.

So, without knowing what kind of collaboration that I want to approach, I commented on the post that I am seeking for a collaboration with maybe 4 or 5 new travel bloggers. I want to conduct an interview (in which I didn’t even know what kind of questions that I want to ask to begin with) in order to feature them on my blog.

Surprisingly, a lot of bloggers are interested to contribute to the point that I’m actually interested to make this a big project for my own blog.

So I have created a list of questionnaires for them to answer, and while compiling their answers I was thinking that it would be such a bore to squeeze the whole answer into one post. I mean, I would be bored to write such a long post about so many people. Then I got a new idea: why not making this a weekly feature on my blog?

There. I was so excited to come up with the idea until I finally got the name of it.


What is The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. ? 

The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. will be a new weekly feature on my blog that covers a story about other travel bloggers. For this, I will write a post about a new travel blogger every week to share with you so you can check them out! 🙂

Why The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. ?

My initial purpose to collaborate with other bloggers is actually to expand this blog as I really want to make this blog a better place not only for me as the person behind it, but also for my potential readers out there.

I want to gain more exposure on what I can write here, but since I love traveling but I don’t travel that often, it’s really hard to write something organic when it comes to it. Hence, I need to collaborate with people who have been to some place that I’ve never been and vice versa.

If you ask me why I want to name the feature as The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. , then here’s the answer.

The Wander Lover? Well, it’s obviously because I want to cover the stories of bloggers who love to travel.

Worry. Story. Glory. These are the 3 steps that I come across whenever I travel and blog. Why? Let me elaborate.


When you decided to travel somewhere, no matter how excited you are about the idea of traveling, I think there would be a bit of worry as well since to travel, it means you need to leave your comfort zone.

Traveling is not just about taking pictures to upload on Instagram or pinning the list of countries visited on your world map. It’s also about understanding the art to survive.

Hence, what you get from traveling is not always sparks and glitters. Sometimes you have to feel the pain too along the way. It could be getting scammed from some random vendor in your destination, losing your passport, running out of money, etc.

However, apart from all the bad things that could happen during your travel, when you come back, you’ll always come with something new: a story. A story to remember, a story to learn with some lessons you can share with others.

I mean, after you get past your traveling period with this story, no matter how bad it is, you’ll come back feeling glorious because now you know something that you didn’t know before. You have gained something that you got from traveling: a glory.


I’ve been blogging since more than 10 years ago, but I never really understood how people actually earned $$$ from blogging. For those who know me, maybe you’re a frequent visitor of my Tumblr and you know how I would pour my heart out when I was emotionally unstable there. 😛

That, until I started to read the news about how digital marketing worked out.

I don’t know about you, but this is what happens to me when I decided to start this Ransel Ungu – A BeauTravel Blog.

I’ve finally understood that people could actually earn six figures through blogging and pretty much like everyone who blogs, I wanted to feel that glory too.

The shortcoming on my end is that I’m not really a tech-savvy blogger, so there’s still a lot of things for me to learn in order to earn money out of blogging. So for this, I will only focus on one thing: the story that I create through my blogposts.

But then again, it isn’t as simple as it sounds because sometimes I worry about the response of my potential readers. Like, what if they don’t like it? Even worse, what if they hate it?

Apart from the worry that I have about what I have on my blog, I think for this I should thank Mbak Ollie as I attended one of the events with her as the guest speaker.

She told me one thing that I would always remember: write whatever you want to write. If you’re afraid what people would say about what you write, frankly you may not be able to call it your masterpiece as your barometer is still the readers’ perception. Not yours.

I want to create my masterpiece, at least from my own perspectives so I will write anything as blunt as I want with the hope of supports from everybody. Okay, maybe not everybody. Just my target readers and visitors only. 😛

When and Where The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. ? 

The feature will be published every Friday on this blog. It is only available on the English version of Ransel Ungu here.

Who The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. ?

I will cover as many as travel bloggers as I can.

My mission is simple, as someone who has just started my own blog in this niche, frankly speaking, I still need somewhat a proper recognition to put myself out there.

As now I’ve been blogging here for 5++ months, I’ve got enough posts that are frequently visited, hopefully I can also help other bloggers to get more recognition by getting featured here on my blog. 🙂

How The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. ?

If you’re a travel blogger and interested to get featured on this blog, please do not hesitate to contact me here or send me an e-mail directly to

In return, I will send you the questionnaire that I have prepared for the feature. I will create a content based on your answer, while in addition, I will also check your blog to add some personal views on your blog on the feature.

I am so excited to share more on this blog, and I hope you enjoy your reading here. Cheerio! 😀

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  1. Ah, now I know what worry story glory means – such a beautiful post and informative too. Also, the idea to write without getting judged is so true to create our masterpieces. No wonder you write so well. Much Love 🙂

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