The Ultimate Guide to California Car Shipping: Everything You Need to Know

California is a popular state to move to or from, particularly for job or education changes or to pursue higher studies. The state offers so many job opportunities, whether one is trying to pursue an acting career in Hollywood or even aiming for a tech job in Silicon Valley.

These factors draw more people to move to California to start a new life, and there's no surprised that some of the most overlooked services around the state include moving services and California car shipping – as so many people need it to transfer their car from other cities or even other states, but they don't know where to start.

In this post, we're sharing various factors to determine how much it costs to ship a car from California or vice versa, including everything you need to know and consider before choosing a car shipping service in California.

Whether you plan for a long-distance move or just move from nearby cities in California, here's the essential things to know about shipping cars in California!

Types of Car Shipping Services

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Door-to-door service

Door-to-door car shipping offers an efficient means of moving your vehicle across the country. To use this service, it requires meeting your carrier at a safe location close to home so they can safely maneuver their large truck.

Your driver will call ahead to arrange an appropriate time and place for them to pick up or drop off your car; during which they will collect or drop off a Vehicle Condition Report as well as sign a Bill of Lading before loading up onto their carrier and heading toward its final destination.

California is an increasingly popular state for relocation, and auto transport companies provide reliable services throughout its borders. When selecting a California auto transport provider it is essential to compare quotes and read customer reviews prior to selecting one; look for companies which prioritize customer satisfaction while offering transparent pricing structures.

Compare California car shipping quotes by considering the total driving distance and whether you choose open or enclosed transport. Also keep in mind that costs for shipping may depend on factors like season and model of your car.

Terminal-to-terminal service

Terminal-to-terminal shipping offers the perfect solution when you can't be present to deliver and pick up your vehicle at the same time.

With this service, someone else (be it friends, family or a professional auto transport company) is assigned to pick up and drop off your car when and where convenient for you – be it friends, family or the auto transport company itself. Furthermore, dates and times that best suit you can be scheduled with them.

Car shipping via ocean cargo carrier can be considerably less expensive than door-to-door car transport because its carrier doesn't need to travel between your house and office, providing more convenient delivery for busy schedules as well as being an inexpensive solution if your location is far away from a trucking depot.

The regional terminal method utilizes a hub-and-spoke model for multiple vehicle deliveries to the same destination, making it easier for carriers to combine and reduce fuel costs while using larger trucks with fewer stops for faster delivery times. You can visit this page to learn more about fuel prices.

In addition to that, this provides greater flexibility as you can drop off and collect your car at your leisure from a terminal located near where it will be stored – but be prepared to pay storage fees at each terminal used in this shipping option.

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Enclosed service

No matter if you're moving to California for work or sending your classic car to an event, selecting a reliable car shipping company is essential.

A trusted transporter will guarantee the safety of your vehicle during transit and offer insurance coverage as needed; additionally they should offer various shipping services, such as enclosed carrier service options to best meet your needs.

Enclosed auto transport is ideal for high-value and classic cars, protecting them from dirt and debris that might accumulate during transit.

Though more costly than open transport, enclosed transport offers complete protection while remaining cost effective; however if on a tight budget open auto transport may provide the more cost-effective option.

Reputable car shipping companies will offer instant quotes to give you an idea of the costs involved with transporting your vehicle to California.

In addition, brokers or online auto transport marketplaces provide services directly connecting carriers to their clients. You can visit this helpful site to learn more about brokers.

Pricing for California Car Shipping

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California car shipping prices depend on a range of factors, including vehicle type, mileage and transportation mode (open transport is generally less costly than enclosed). 

On top of that, the number of vehicles being shipped has an effect as sports cars require more space and therefore cost more to ship. Another key consideration is timing; rates tend to increase during peak summer season when transport rates can rise significantly.


Selecting an efficient car transport company will save both money and hassle. Before selecting any service, thoroughly investigate their reputation and customer reviews; an established business should offer competitive prices with reliable services at competitive rates; additionally they should be licensed and insured as well. 

For optimal savings both time and fuel savings opt for door-to-door service providers if available.

California offers many advantages, from its diverse population and employment opportunities, to traffic and transportation challenges in large cities like Los Angeles. After all, nothing beats the American West Coast road trip and that's why having your car shipped safely is essential when you're in California!

When selecting a company to transport or service it for you it is essential that they have experience handling vehicles of various kinds as well as guaranteed prices before committing.


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