The Top 4 Vacation Mishaps and What to Do if They Happen to You

No one expects their vacation to turn into a complete nightmare. Especially when you've meticulously planned everything down to the very last detail and you've been building up to your break for months.

There are a wide range of reasons why your trip could go wrong, from lost luggage and flight problems to falling ill and sustaining an injury.

But, what are the main reasons that vacations go wrong? And what should we do about it? Read on for the top 4 vacation mishaps. And what to do if they happen to you.

A last-minute cancellation

You've paid thousands, planned every last detail from the hire car company to where you're going to be eating for the next 2 weeks, you and your family are incredibly excited with each passing day, only then to be informed that your vacation of a lifetime has been indefinitely canceled.

You and your family are heartbroken and you are now worried about getting your money back. Luckily, Creditfix has created a helpful blog post, detailing how to get your money back in the event of your holiday package being canceled, click the link and check it out.

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Falling ill

The only thing worse than having your vacation canceled is not being able to enjoy it when you get there due to illness. From sickness bugs in all-inclusive resorts to food poisoning from local eateries – or maybe you've fallen by the pool and broken your leg.

Whatever the issue, nobody wants to spend their time off in the hospital or stuck in their hotel room. If you've sought medical attention, then you should have a note from the doctor or a medical report which will help you towards a potential compensation claim.

You should also have travel medical insurance in place before you travel, that way you're covered for any medical treatment you receive abroad.

Your vacation is not as described

You booked the hotel due to the location, the stunning views, the beautiful hotel suites, facilities and apparent high rating.

But what you've got is the complete opposite and it's not the vacation you have paid for. Your first course of action is to speak with the manager immediately.

If your trip was booked as a package then you should be able to claim compensation for your disappointment. When you return home it's crucial that you contact the holiday provider/customer service department in writing and complain officially in order to get the process moving.

Source: Pxhere.

Lost luggage

You haven't even left the airport and already things are going wrong!

The never-ending ordeal of locating your lost luggage is something no one wants to go through on vacation. However, it's incredibly common.

The most important thing you can do right now is to remain calm and then head to the baggage claim office. It's important that you file a claim as soon as possible, as some airlines require a lost luggage claim to be filed within a certain amount of time!

Find out when you can expect to hear back from them, whether or not they will pay to have your luggage sent to you when it is found, and their contact details.

The Top 4 Vacation Mishaps and What to Do if They Happen to You - The BeauTraveler


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