The Tampon Story: The Savior of My Travel

Traveling may be fun and all, and of course sunbathing on the beach sounds pretty much like heaven when you get stuck at the 9-to-6 routine in front of your office computer trying to find some particular formula on that excel sheet.

But as a woman in my productive years, committing in the office job while trying to find some time for my own vitamin sea could be challenging. There were times when I had to face the burden of being a woman: having my vacation schedule clashed with my uterus call out.

I mean, can you imagine it's D-3 days before your vacation and you feel like the bra you're wearing is too tight and your boobs got hurt a bit? Like you need a pair of golden bra or something? 😛

Believe me, it's easy to blame me for not ‘planning out' right, because I have this period calendar on my phone to make sure that I still could show some skin in the bikini without worrying about bleeding on the beach. But then again, shit happens.

I rarely get ‘surprising' period because my cycle is normally regular, except for one or two with some pregnancy scare. *lol*

But being an office worker myself, sometimes I had to change my plan for some different reason. Either it was because I got a deadline for some project or my boss was coming to town while my leave application hasn't been submitted, let alone approved.

Then I had to deal with the bloody coincidence in order to reunite my uterus call out with the salt water. So there comes my hero: tampon.

I'm sure there are some pros and cons about going to the beach during your period, but I happen to be the pro myself. Why? Because to celebrate the international women's day that falls tomorrow, being a woman is not even a choice and nature calls when you're a woman.

I mean come on, being on our period is bad enough. Especially when it comes with cramps and some other period pains. Don't you dare to tell me that I have to cancel my beach time just because I get my freaking period!

And if you choose to be an asshole and tell me what to do, then I've got something for you: I've got tampon to save me from turning the salt water into bad blood, you basically have nothing to get yourself an actual smartmouth. Shut it.

Being an Indonesian as I am, tampon is not really common in this part of the world. I normally use pads and I've got to deal with all the mess since the first time I found out that I had to bleed from vajayjay every month.

The first time I got myself tampon was when I was planning to go to Karimunjawa and my period got late from being so stressed of getting my period late on my vacation. Shit happened, and I actually got my period late for a week so I had to struggle with my uterus discharging blood on my vacation. So then I decided to buy a pack of tampon online.

Why online? Because I'm that anti-social girl who was too lazy to go to the drugstore and communicate with the shop attendant asking whether they sold tampon. Remember, tampon is not common here in Indonesia so chances are, even if they sell tampon, they will put it in a special container where only the shop attendant can find. *sigh*

I got kind of paranoid when I experienced tampon for the first time. Like there were times when I thought I misplaced it inside my vagina that I didn't feel comfortable when I had to sit down. Hmm. But then I found the mantra, using tampon is pretty much like sex: the wetter, the better.

Long story short, I went to the beach with the tampon inside me and it was a blast!

Why? Because I didn't even have to worry about making a scene with my uterus as the antagonist. And it is absolutely more comfortable than wearing pads because you can just put the tampon inside you, wear your bikini and your fake smile as if you don't suffer from your mood swings caused by that time of the month. *lol*

Since then, although I still use my pads in daily basis monthly but I always have tampon in my rack just in case. Besides, during the heavy flow, tampon can be really helpful and I thank tampon for that!

Are you an Indonesian woman looking for an answer to your beach vacation problem? If you don't mind getting something small inside your precious one, then you can check out Asmaraku here to get yourself a pack of tampon.

Now that we're here, I'm curious. Are you pro or con to the idea of women using tampon in order for them to have a good time on the beach? I mean, I think there's nothing wrong about it as long as we don't litter the sea with tampon right? Your call.

Share your comment below and cheerio! 🙂

-Marya The BeauTraveler-

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