The Best Places to Stay on a Luxury Trip in London

It’s no secret that London is an expensive city to visit, and a lot of people are looking for ways to save money and travel there on a budget.

That's fine, and there are still so many great things that you can do without spending loads of money. But sometimes, it's nice to push the boat out and treat yourself when you travel.

If you have been working hard and saving up some money for your trip to London, you might decide that you want to go to all of the high-end areas and get that truly luxury experience. These are some of the best places to stay on a luxury trip to London. 


Mayfair is one of the most affluent areas of London, so it's not ideal if you are looking for a budget trip. However, if you want to live a life of luxury while you are staying in London, it's ideal.

There are lots of great 5 star hotels in the area, and plenty of opportunities for shopping at high-end stores.

There are some great art galleries around Mayfair as well. In the evenings, you can eat out at some of the best restaurants in the world and have a drink at some classy wine bars. 

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The Financial District

Most people don't consider the financial district when they visit London because they assume that it's just for business people, but that isn't the case.

It does cater to business people, which means that there are plenty of luxury hotels like the Dorsett Hotel, City of London, and there are lots of nice restaurants and bars nearby.

The good thing about staying in the financial district is that you are right in the heart of central London, so you still have easy access to all of the big tourist attractions and it's so easy to get places on the tube. 


Kensington is a great place to stay if you want a luxury trip, but you are also visiting London with your family.

The area is home to 3 of the city's best museums; The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

You can also visit Kensington Palace while you are there. If you visit during the summer, you can also take advantage of the beautiful green spaces like Hyde Park. 

Source: Pxhere.


Soho is a very fashionable area of London where you will find pubs and bars filled with lots of working professionals from the media industry.

It's also the entertainment hub of the city, where you can see some great West End shows. At night, the whole area is buzzing with lots of great restaurants serving cuisine from around the globe, and lots of hip bars and pubs to drink in.

If you want to stay in a luxury hotel, but you want something a little different from what you would find in the other neighborhoods on this list, Soho is the place to go. 

If you have a bit of money to spend on your next trip to London, these are the best places to stay!

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