The First Date That Led Me To Another First (Also Some Tips To Ease A Blind Date)

I just came back from my recent trip to Malaysia and Singapore, and I've come back happily as on this trip, I just got yet another first thing that I've done in life.

I mean, sure… There's always a first time for everything. But I think it's important to actually explore things rather than just to wonder the what ifs. And for that, I'm quite glad that I've got this adventurous soul that opens more chances for me to the idea of something new each day.

I mean, that's why I'm keeping this to-do-list, so I could remind myself that I need to try as many new things as I can to avoid more regrets in life. So when someone from OKC asked me out when I was in KL, I said yes.

He's a fine guy. A psychologist who's running his start-up business, so the fact that we're both entrepreneurs kind of helps us to hit it off. And the fact that he's hot… I just couldn't say no to this invitation.

To make it easier to tell the story moving forward, let's just call this hottie Al. A Malaysian by citizenship, a Chinese by ethnic, and a super hot one by species. ๐Ÿ˜€

Again, I have to thank OKC for connecting me with this guy who sent me the first message asking me what I am working on for my entrepreneurship. It started off innocent, only talking about what we do in general. I've even shared the news about me being on therapy for my Bell's Palsy, which I rarely share to anyone I know online.

I think if there's anything that I've learned from trying to approach anyone, especially for sort of dating, I need to be as real as possible in the beginning so that I can find out whether they want something more substantial or just the sex.

I mean, don't get me wrong, sex is great. But really, I'm not a fan of only meeting someone for sex. And clearly, I need someone who's on my side when it comes to that.

Surprisingly, the news about me having Bell's Palsy didn't stop him from inviting me for the first date when I told him that I was planning to fly to KL a few weeks ago. He knew that I was coming with my brother, and he even politely asked me whether my brother would come with us. It was so sweet to the point now I understand what I miss from dating an Asian guy. ๐Ÿ˜€

We arranged our first date on the first day in KL as I arrived late in the midnight. My brother didn't want to come as it was too late for him to go out and he just wanted to go to bed once we got to our hotel.

He picked me up in my hotel and as we planned, we went to grab some drink at some entertainment center in KL. It was a bit awkward first because although I met a few people through OKC before, it was my first time to meet someone randomly in the middle of the night. And in a foreign place.

Sure, it's only KL as I've been there a few times. But, still, it felt a lot like booty call yet it wasn't. At least, not intentionally.

Well, I wasn't the one who would find it easy to meet new people but Al helped me to break the ice by creating this random game as we got the promotion of buy 2 get 1 pint of beer at this lounge we went to.

The game was quite simple, yet so fun to try out for those of you who might think of going for a blind date. It's pretty much rock-paper-scissor game with a twist.

So as we bought 2 pints of beer and we were eligible to get another pint for free, we had each pint for ourselves and we shared the free one through the game.

We played rock-paper-scissor and whoever lost had to drink a sip and answer the question asked by the winner. It succeed to break the ice and helped us to know each other better. What made it even better is that we've done it at around 2AM, which is the best time for any kind of conversation.

I mean, how else could you ask someone some random things from their relationship with their family or how was their best sex and what made it the best in the first place?

Okay, so that's what we did. We asked each other questions from our goals in life, the last time we had sex etc. I mean, I love how our first date turned out and I was amazed with his ability to break the ice like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

After we finished our last pint, we went to the club as he wanted to show me the night life in KL. Unfortunately, I don't dance so we ended up drinking another bottle of beer while watching people dance when things got easier and we started holding hands while feeling a bit tipsy here and there.

I'm not really a drinker, so 2 pints of beer got me tipsy. But even when I was tipsy, I still had to ask him whether he was fine to drive as I didn't go to KL to die. ๐Ÿ˜›

He said he was fine, so we got back to the car. The next thing I knew, when I closed the door, he was already there and kiss my mouth so hard to the point it was hard for me to breath. In a good way.

My consciousness was only 50% when he started driving elsewhere and woke me up later. There was this empty storage around the parking lot, and we could totally go all out if I could be quiet. I was half-awake so I was like, “Okay…”

So now guess who just had sex first time in the public place? We did.

I just ticked off one of the list on my to-do-list. No regrets, as we had a good time.

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