What You Could Get in Yogyakarta for $10 – So Much You Could Have at the City with the Lowest Minimum Wage in Indonesia

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since the last time we covered the city in Indonesia, my home country. So, after Jakarta and Ubud that I posted a long time ago, finally thanks to Jacqueline and James of The Travel Deck, we’re gonna cover a city that has been romanticized a lot… Even for other native Indonesians!

As you could probably guess in the profile, this post will cover how much you could get in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The city with two sides of the same coin. Romanticized by many due to their low-profile way of living and their status as a special region in Indonesia due to its Sultanate. However, it is also often criticized by so many social justice warriors in Indonesia due to the province’s lowest minimum wage. Not just within the city, but also in Indonesia.

By 2019, the minimum wage in the city was as low as IDR 2,000,000 (around $143 USD) with some regency around the city have even lower minimum wage than that. So, now that we know about it… How far you could get around the city with your $10 USD?

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Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day: Indonesia Beyond Bali, Where to Go and What to See Around the Country

As an Indonesian blogger who mainly writes about travel, I often encountered fellow travel bloggers who would list Bali among the name of countries in Southeast Asia like Malaysia or Singapore. That, my friends, has become my own pet peeve ever since.

Like, seriously… There were times when I feel like I want to question them whether they even notice the name of the country as a whole, and not just Bali.

So, it’s the 17th of August and for those of you who don’t know… It’s the independence day of Indonesia. The 74th as we declared our independence in 1945.

And for today’s post, I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers who knew better than THAT, we’re gonna talk about the places that are worth visiting in Indonesia. The places that are NOT just Bali. The places that would show you the diversity in the country, more than just a tiny island called Bali. đŸ˜‰

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Yogyakarta: What Is It There Beyond the Temple?

One thing that has inspired me to create this blog was this conversation with my ex-coworker who was based in Malaysia and planning to travel to Yogyakarta some time in this month.

She was interested in visiting Bangka-Belitung Islands after she saw my pictures on Facebook, but then as it turned out the ticket to Bangka-Belitung was quite expensive when she was about to book it. Since she would come to Indonesia for her husband’s business travel anyway, they decided to re-route their destination to Yogyakarta (or Jogja, if you please!) and she asked me what is it there beyond the temple as they have been there before and they want to explore more.

Sure, if we talk about Jogja, I think Borobudur temple as the world’s biggest Buddhist temple will be the first to come to mind. The second one will be Prambanan temple, the Hindu one. For some domestic tourists, of course they also set Malioboro in mind as the perfect place to shop and buy some souvenirs. And for the international travelers, Yogyakarta is probably known as the cultural capital of Java as well.

But what’s beyond that?

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