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What You Could Get in Yangon for $10 – Cherish the Burmese Local Life Around the City

Hi everyone!

I know, we’re all frustrated with the situation. This is not the right time to travel still, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t plan out our next travel destination right? It helps us to expect better things to come, and keep our hope high!

So, after we covered the capital city of Vietnam Hanoi last week, this week we’re going to cover the city that used to be the capital of another country in the Southeast Asia. As you’ve probably read the title already, yes… We’re gonna talk about Yangon on this week’s $10 series!

I’ve been to Yangon and Bago City a few years ago, but I feel like I could explore more places around Myanmar. Today, we’ve got Adriana of Czech the World to outline how far we could go in Yangon. So, what could you get in the city for $10?!

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Taukkyan War Cemetery: Reminiscing The Lost Lives In The World War 2

If you asked anyone who has ever gone to a date with me in any way possible, I think it’s fair to say that I’m quite flexible and easy to go with. As long as I remember, I rarely had a fight over where to go or what to have for dinner when I dated anyone. When one gets indecisive, I’ll come as a rescue for both of us while being my ol’ lady boss giving suggestion where to go or what to eat.

The same thing happened when I went to Yangon with Max back in 2015. The difference between Max and me is that he’s a very laid-back traveler who will be quite satisfied by staying at the hotel in the foreign city and going out only when he has to. On the other side, I am always that traveler who’s got someplace in mind whenever I get a chance to visit a new place.

Before we arrived in Yangon, I’ve already prepared myself with some information about the city. At the time I was already familiar with Myanmar and their political situation, thanks to 4-year education on International Relations. But other than that, I didn’t even know what to prepare before traveling to Myanmar.

The good thing is that my attitude kinda helps me to adjust things in various situations. So I was just like… Veni, vedi, vici. 😛

And that was exactly what happened when I landed in Yangon, Max with his meh attitude just agreed on the idea of us going to the generic and touristy Shwedagon Pagoda until I saw this brochure at the hotel seeing some pictures of this big, well-maintained cemetery. Taukkyan War Cemetery.

So I asked the receptionist about this cemetery and the receptionist told me that this cemetery is quite far from Yangon, around 1.5 hours by car from where we stayed. And we stayed in the city center, FYI.

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