22 Best Places to Unplug and Live in the Moment

22 Best Places to Unplug and Live in the Moment

In a world that is so well-connected, there are times when we feel like unplugging and just living in the moment while enjoying where we are without having to connect to the outside world.

We all need digital detox sometimes, but sometimes the need is overlooked because almost 80% of our life is spent through the world wide web. Whether it is for work, connecting with friends and family when you live overseas, or simply just the fact that you’re bored of your reality.

So in this post, some fellow bloggers and I are compiling a list of top-notch places to unplug and live in the moment. The places you can consider going for a digital detox, some spots that can give you a chance to disconnect just so you can reconnect better with your routines.

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The Complete Yalova City Guide: An Alternative Destination for Digital Nomads Near Istanbul

The Complete Yalova City Guide – An Alternative Destination for Digital Nomads Near Istanbul

After spending a month as a digital nomad in Izmir and then moving to Serbia for another month, I initially planned to choose Istanbul as my next home base until just a few days before my arrival back to Turkiye, the Airbnb host that I booked canceled on me. And when I tried to find another apartment through the platform, I couldn’t find any apartment in Istanbul, not even a studio, that cost less than $700 USD per month.

So after a few considerations before traveling back to Turkiye, I decided to find a place for me to stay outside Istanbul as a digital nomad. Somewhere that is not too far from Istanbul that I can travel back and forth on a day trip to the big city, but with more budget-friendly rent for my accommodation. And that’s when I decided to book a place in Yalova, a city I never knew existed before I moved there earlier this year.

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Top Attractions & Places to Visit in New South Wales

Top Attractions & Places to Visit in New South Wales

When you think of New South Wales, what comes to mind is enchanting beaches for as long as the eyes can see, its amazing scenery, and its famous capital, Sydney. Sydney is one of Australia’s most popular and accessible cities. Its magnificent mix of natural wonders and eye-catching landscape has made it very popular for tourists.

For anyone thinking of exploring New South Wales, you are sure not to run out of fun activities and fascinating places to visit, from the Sydney opera house to world-class restaurants, museums, and art galleries filled with artifacts that reflect the rich culture of the Australian. Here are some of the best places you have to visit in New South Wales!

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Review: Single Room at Apartmani Amaro Novi Sad

Review: Single Room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad

One thing I noticed when I started looking for accommodation to stay in Novi Sad is that the rate is slightly higher than most places in Serbia, even the capital city in Belgrade. I wasn’t picky when it came to accommodation, so I booked a single room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Apartmani Amaro is the second accommodation that I booked through Agoda in Serbia after Apartmani Vasic in Banja Koviljaca. But I found booking Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad more straightforward than the latter, as Apartmani Amaro allowed us to proceed with the online payment through Agoda.

In this post, I’m going to share a review of my experience when I stayed in the single room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad on New Year’s Eve. I got connected with a girl in Novi Sad through Couchsurfing who kinda gave me some hope to have someone to spend the New Year’s Eve together, but she kinda ditched me so I ended up doing nothing in my room to welcome 2022 there.

So, how was my experience staying at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad? Here we go!

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Kafana Pavle Korcagin Belgrade

Kafana Pavle Korcagin – The Unique & Authentic Serbian Tavern in Belgrade

Traveling around Serbia isn’t complete without having a sip of rakija and enjoying the authentic Serbian delicacy in the nearest kafana. And in this post, I’m going to share a unique experience when I had a blast at Kafana Pavle Korcagin in Belgrade.

I found the information about Kafana Pavle Korcagin just a few months before my trip to Serbia. At the time, I was already a member of the group “Expats in Belgrade” on Facebook, and there was this member who shared a controversial post when he posted a link to the Youtube video about what he referred to as a communist pro-Serbian kafana in Belgrade.

As someone who has a particular interest in Yugoslavia’s history in general, I decided to take a look and I was surprised by the existence of this tavern to the point that I made it to the top of my bucket list once I got to Belgrade.

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