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Updating Your Travel Blog During Covid-19: Why I Still Update Mine Despite the Travel Ban All Over the World

Lately, I’ve seen a question that has been asked often within travel bloggers community. It is the question about whether or not we should update our travel blog during Covid-19, since we basically can’t travel these days.

Honestly, this kind of question is usually the question that I wouldn’t bother to check the answer. Why? Because the answer is usually more about the responder’s perspective, rather than an exact formula. I personally think that the question shouldn’t be asked to begin with, because after all… It’s your blog. You can do anything you want, as long as you know the risk.

So, even though some fellow bloggers find it frowned upon to still update my blog with travel articles, today I’m going to write about why I decide to still update mine despite all the travel bans.

Here’s why.

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What You Could Get in Hanoi for $10 – A Budget Guide to Vietnam’s Capital City

In case you don’t know yet, Vietnam has been my favorite country so far. It’s the only country that I visited twice voluntarily.

And even though I didn’t get a chance to visit the capital city on my last trip a couple of months ago, this week I’ve got James and Lee of The Travel Scribes to share how far you could get in Hanoi for $10.

Would I like to come back again to Hanoi like I did Ho Chi Minh City? I don’t see why not, I’d like to explore more places in the north.

So, what could you get in Hanoi for $10 USD?

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What You Could Get in Yerevan for $10 – Having Fun on the Budget in the Capital City of Armenia

Hi everyone!

Do you recall that earlier this year, I compiled a collab post on recommended places to visit in 2020? Well, in case you don’t remember, Armenia is on the list of places to visit in October. And God knows how long it’s gonna take until this self-quarantine is over, but I hope we will be able to travel again some time around October. Even better if we could do it even earlier than that.

And this week, as I’m still hoping that this will be over… I’ll still keep updating you with the $10 series. And this time, we have Megan from Absolute Armenia to talk about how far you could get in the capital city: Yerevan!

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What You Could Get in Copenhagen for $10 – How to Have Fun in the City Without Breaking the Bank

Normally, this would have been April Fool when everyone would prank each other with some random joke or lie. Now with all coronavirus things going on around the world, I hope all of you are safe at home.

Again, when I decided to still have the $10 series despite everything that has been going across the globe lately, it’s not because I’m tone-deaf. It’s rather because I want to give some hope that this too will eventually end, and I hope it won’t stop you from your wanderlust.

And this week, we’re going to have Derek and Mike of Everything Copenhagen to share with you how you could spend $10 in one of the most expensive cities in the world: the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen.

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What You Could Get in Bali for $10 – Places to Visit and What to Do on the Island of God on Budget

Almost 2 years ago, we covered Ubud in one of our $10 series. As I went to Bali a few months ago, I also recently talked about some must-places visit in Bali along with my opinion about each place.

Today, we’re going to write yet another piece about Bali.┬áThis is going to cover another region in Bali, and also another way to spend your $10 on the island.

Thanks to Chantel of Travel for Your Life who would contribute this piece, let’s see the other region in Bali that is worth visiting when you’re on the island and what you can do there within the budget!

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